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A gift-based business can become both complementary, (with a competent organization) and the main source of income.

People, as a rule, give each other far from the most practical things. Nevertheless, the joy of receiving an original and unusual gift does not depend on its utility.

Recently, bouquets have become more and more popular, but not familiar, floral, but from unusual and sometimes unexpected objects. Dolls, chocolates, banknotes and even baby diapers - all this can be the basis for an unusual gift bouquet.

For example, the English company BabyBlooms since 2004 offers incredibly beautiful compositions of artificial flowers and ... children's clothing as a traditional gift for a newborn.

At first glance, these bouquets do not differ from ordinary flower bouquets, but after the celebration on the occasion of the birth of the crumbs, they can be disassembled into a complete set of children's clothing - from a bonnet to socks.

Gifts from BabyBlooms came to the taste of young parents, because such bouquets are not only original, beautiful and practical, but also completely safe for the baby, as they can not cause allergies, unlike fresh flowers.

However, clothing is far from the only component of unusual presentations. Candy bouquets, flower arrangements with dolls and other toys, bouquets of silk flowers ... The fantasy here is almost limitless.

If you decide to start your business with the manufacture and sale of such souvenirs, it is best to first decide on your target audience or on the material with which you will work.

In the first case, for example, you focus on gifts on the occasion of the birth of the baby, on his first anniversary, on baptism, etc.

Such bouquets can be made of different materials - from toys to clothes, but are united by one theme. You will need a little more effort and time to master new types of compositions. But it will be possible to conduct more targeted advertising campaigns and quickly acquire new customers according to the recommendations of the old ones.

If you plan to make bouquets in the same technique (for example, only from sweets), your target audience, and, therefore, marketing opportunities will be much wider. After all, such a bouquet, depending on the color scheme and material, can be a universal gift for any reason - both for a wedding and for an anniversary. But the cost of attracting customers will increase.

First of all, it is worth taking care of the search for manufacturers of such bouquets. As a rule, they are done manually. Moreover, it is desirable that a professional designer, or at least a person with an artistic taste, do this.

In the latter case, it will be possible to get by with special short-term courses (cost from 5 tons or more).

The higher the qualifications of your future employee, the more expensive it will cost you. However, these expenses are completely justified.

Handicrafts will not attract the attention of buyers and will not bring a lot of profit. But elegant airy compositions, each of which in itself is a small masterpiece, will surely find its customers and will need advertising only at first.

The second point, which is definitely not worth saving, is materials. Everything from components to packaging should be of high quality.

If you are going to produce bouquets of one kind, it is better to buy materials for their manufacture in bulk, which will reduce their cost. Accordingly, single gifts on order will cost more.

Pricing is worth considering at the stage of preparing a business plan. As a rule, the average total price of a composition is 1.5-2 times higher than its cost. For exclusive or non-standard bouquets, the margin may be higher.

Now that you have decided what you will produce and how much to sell, consider what distribution channels you can use.

It is hardly advisable to open your own store in the first months of operation. For the production of bouquets it will not take a lot of space, but renting a retail space can be very expensive.

In addition, such gifts are rarely bought spontaneously. Usually they are selected and ordered in advance. Therefore, it is better to take care of buying a beautiful, memorable phone number and a catalog with examples of work.

The catalog can be printed or posted on the site. This is better not to save. Indeed, even poor quality images or prints can make your potential customers refuse to order. Also, do not forget to order business cards or flyers with all the necessary information about your offer.

Such a business is less dependent on the season, but, as experience shows, most sales happen in the summer (wedding season), in early autumn and winter (New Year holidays). The payback period depends on the initial investment, the originality of the idea and competent advertising and is from 6 months.

Sysoeva Lilia

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