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Making stamps is a simple but profitable business, which will require a small investment to start. But the payback in this business is no more than two months! And this is understandable, because the press, the cost of which is 10 rubles, is sold for about 100-600.

After the licensing of this activity was canceled, entry into the market became easy. It is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur, rent a small room, buy a computer, a laser printer and special equipment, give advertising and that’s all, you can work!

The service for the manufacture of stamps is in demand everywhere, throughout the country, in all cities, without exception. And the demand for these products is unlikely to disappear.

Competition in this market is high, but not everywhere. This differs primarily in the capital market. In the regions, it affects more the volume of orders than on pricing, because the regional market is still far from saturation with the capital.

The printing process includes the following steps:

- customer search;

- receipt of the order, including wishes, what should be the seal (typical samples are approved by the registration authorities), documents on registration of the company, a finished sketch. If there is no sketch for future printing, you must draw it (and do not forget to take 3-10 cu for this);

- output of the sketch to a negative or positive film on a laser printer (this step is skipped if we are dealing with a Brother StampCreator PRO machine that connects directly to a computer via a printer or mouse port. The cost of such an installation is $ 1, 800 The typesetter draws a sketch of the future print, presses the button ... then the smart device does everything.Thanks to the drivers, the computer reads the device like a printer;

- cliché materialization (differently in all technologies), which includes a number of operations;

- installation of a cliche in a snap with glue or tape.

The selling price of printing is not only the cost of the cliche, but also the cost of equipment. Equipment is where the cliche of the finished print is inserted. Accessories are manual (plastic, wooden, metal) and automatic with built-in stamp pad, Russian and foreign production.

Special equipment requires ink-filled prints made using flash technology, since the print is soaked with ink.

Most companies, not only in Moscow but also in the regions, switched to the remote production of stamps. Clients should send e-mail files of thumbnails of seals and stamps in the desired format and select the material and equipment. When the print is ready (and this can be done within one hour), you can send it directly to the client in the office or by mail by courier.

Technology selection

At the moment, there are four common technologies for manufacturing stamp products: photopolymer, vulcanization of crude rubber, flash method and laser engraving.

Photopolymer technology is cheap, high-quality and therefore very popular. Experienced entrepreneurs are advised to start from this level: low organization costs. The main advantages of photopolymer technology: relatively fast technological process, low cost of clichés (0.3 dollars, or 10 rubles), harmless production. Disadvantages - you need running water, or you have to buy an automatic car wash (from 250 cu). In addition, the manufacture of polymer seals is largely manual work. Plus fast wear of polymers.

The minimum set of consumables for this technology includes 1 kg of polymer, 1 roll of border tape, 25 sheets of matte and transparent film. In this case, one pack of film is enough for 300-1, 500 seals, one roll of boarder - for 150, one cylinder of spray - for 1000 and one kilogram of polymer worth 500-700 rubles - for 100-150 seals.

The manufacture of rubber stamps by vulcanization is also an inexpensive technology, but in doing so, the prints turn out to be better. However, the manufacturing process is time-consuming and time-consuming, again, you can’t do without “manual labor”. The main thing to remember right away is that the rubber is very strong ... it smells of vulcanization.

The flash method is almost completely automated and so simple that it is easily mastered by a ten-year-old child. For the production of prints on the printing cliché, special equipment is used - flash installations. They are compact, lightweight, easy to handle and easily fit on the edge of the office desk.

Seals made using flash technology have no relief, unlike polymer and rubber ones. For flash, you need a special finely porous rubber with high resolution. However, only one print can be made in one cycle. A photopolymer technology allows you to simultaneously "light up in the camera" a few cliches.

For vulcanization of crude rubber, sheet crude rubber (250 rubles per kilogram), matrix cardboard (650x650mm, 1, 550 rubles per sheet), solid photopolymer on a metal base (A4 sheet, 600 rubles) will be required. For flash technology - special rubber blanks with a thermally conductive coating.

Laser engraving is a very modern and technological thing. However, it has one big drawback - the price of equipment. The minimum amount to start is 8 thousand dollars. The average price of a quality laser engraver is 15–20 thousand. Typically, such “sophisticated” installations are acquired by companies that are well-established in the market and which expand the range of services. Such equipment is beyond the reach of a beginner. The main advantage of this method is ultra-high resolution.

There are no problems with suppliers in Russia. The market for stamping equipment is quite saturated. So, in Moscow there are several large suppliers: “Graphics-M”, “Trodat XXI”, “New stamps”, “”. If you wish, you can find any equipment for any technology. Its cost from different suppliers is approximately the same.

Cameras for photopolymer seals - Soligor from 380 cu, PLC from 320 cu

Exposure cameras from VitStamp uncertified from 230 cu

thermal presses for vulcanization of rubber about 500–700 cu

Japanese flash installations TAIYO for ink-filled seals - from 1, 500 cu

Brother unique flash system - $ 1, 800

laser engravers - Lazer Pro Venus V12 - from 8 000 cu

All products of major suppliers are under warranty. In addition, training is included in the cost of the equipment of the supplier companies - two hours a beginner masters the work on the installations.

The list of services of the manufacturer of stamp products

1. Making new stamps

- Seals of legal entities

Your main clients are legal entities and private entrepreneurs who need a seal for their activities in accordance with Russian law. Seals are also needed by state and regional authorities. Some firms successfully manage to cooperate with law firms that provide services for the registration of finished enterprises. They deliver a flow of customers and take their commission.

- Stamps

State authorities need special stamps - the state emblems, with a clear image of the Russian coat of arms. To date, the production of stamps is about 5% of the market in Russia and 10% of the market in Moscow.

- Other stamp products

Seals for internal use, these include various types of accounting seals “received”, “paid”, date stamps, and numerators (seals with numbers).

- Facsimile

facsimile - stamp with a print of your signature.

2. Restoration of used stamps by cliche or print

This service costs around $ 10-30

3. Become a dealer of a supplier of equipment and supplies

Based on an article by Ekaterina Chinarova for the magazine Business Journal

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data