Rope Park Business Plan

* The calculations use the average data for the World

1. Summary of the project

The goal of the project is to open a rope park on trees in a city with a population of more than 1 million people. The mission of the project is to stimulate the interest of children and youth in sports, active lifestyles and physical education. The rope park has two tiers and three ring routes. The area of ​​the rope park is 1200 square meters. m. The target audience of the rope park is residents and guests of the city from the age of 4 years, about 70% of which are children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Rope park facilities include:

1.Individual passage of the ring route with the selected level of difficulty (initial, medium, heavy);

2. Group passage of a ring route with a selected level of difficulty;

3. Holding children's parties and corporate parties;

4. Sale of subscriptions to the provision of services.

The rope park will operate 7 months of the year from April to October. The payback period of the project, taking into account the preparatory period, will be 16 months. The financial calculations of this business plan were made for a five-year period, taking into account the increase in load with each new season (from 1, 500 people a month in the first season to 4, 000 people in the fifth season) due to the increased recognition of the park.

Key financial indicators of the project

Discount rate, %


Net present value (NPV), rub.

7 474 226

Project net profit, rub.

252, 000 - 795, 000

Return on sales, %


Payback period (PP), months


Discount payback period (DPP), months


Profitability Index (PI)%


The preparatory phase will take 3 months. It will include the stages of registration and registration, design, construction and training of employees. The start of sales is scheduled for May 2017.

2. Description of the industry and company

The rope park is one of the modern types of attractions, for the creation of which ropes and ropes are mainly used. Rope parks are entire towns made of ropes and surrounded by trees. Most often, a rope park is a suspended obstacle course with bridges, roads and stairs, bungees, climbing ropes, nets, swings, creepers, downhills (trolls), etc. The essence of the rope park is to make its visitors feel like the hero of a show or a movie, step by step overcoming obstacles in order to enjoy the process and achieve the end of the distance. The rope park is considered a universal attraction, suitable for both children and adults, as people of different ages are allowed to go along the tracks. Passing routes of various difficulty levels allows you to combine your physical skills with qualities such as agility and ingenuity.

Today in the world there are about 30 thousand rope parks and high-rise towns. In Europe and the USA, rope parks are far from a new phenomenon. For more than 10 years, professional organizations of rope parks have been operating - ERCA, ACCT, PRCA, which unite many specialized organizations involved in the production, organization and maintenance process. The Russian market of rope parks is only being formed and is still not rich in professional teams. Accordingly, competition in this industry is poorly developed.

The goal of the project is to open a rope park in a city with a population of more than 1 million people. The target audience of the rope park are residents and guests of the city over the age of 5 years, leading an active lifestyle, loving adventures and sports. The rope park will be a fenced obstacle course, arranged on the territory of one of the popular city parks. In its format, the rope park will be a “park on trees” with two tiers and three ring routes. This format was not chosen by chance. Tree trunks are natural reliable supports for suspended structures. In addition, the parks on the trees are most attractive for such entertainments. Due to their authenticity, they evoke a spirit of adventure among visitors that artificial structures cannot awaken. The lower level of the ring road, located 1.5 meters from the ground, will be intended for children and adolescents, the upper level with a height reaching up to 15 meters will be intended for adults. All routes will contain several heterogeneous tasks and elements.

The size of the rope park will be 1200 square meters. meters. Since the rope park will operate in the open, its period of operation will be limited to the warm season - from early April to late October. The mission of the rope park project is to stimulate the interest of children and youth in sports, an active lifestyle and physical education.

The rope park management structure will include administrative staff (two employees) and three instructors involved in accompanying the participants in the course. The rope park will be managed by the project owner, combining his duties with the responsibilities of the first administrator. For the maintenance of the park, as well as for corporate and family holidays, additional employees will be involved.

As a form of ownership of the rope park, SP was chosen. The tax system is simplified. The object of taxation is the income received (6%). The size of the state fee for opening an IP will be 800 rubles.

3.Description of services

The main service of the rope park is visitors passing routes of various difficulty levels for sports and entertainment purposes, accompanied by instructors. Depending on the tier and tasks, visitors will be offered routes of three complexity groups. So, in the category of simple tasks, basic warm-up exercises for coordination will be included: wobbling platforms, walking on a spreader along tensioned ropes, a labyrinth of crossed ropes, walking on a fixed and wobbling beam, passing a grid with tensioned slings, walking on planks located under different angle. Tasks of medium complexity will consist of: walking on suspended logs and bars, tasks with "crawling" into suspended barrels, walking on a cloth sling, ropes, impromptu crossings. Challenging tasks include passing stages at a higher altitude and good physical preparation. Here, unlike the first two levels, the participant will have to more actively use the strength of his hands (for example, the exercises "Rings"), and coordination exercises are much more difficult here, since the most unstable elements are used. At the end of the tracks are high-speed descents (trolls).

It was decided to expand the standard list of services due to additional services, such as organizing and holding children's parties, as well as servicing corporate clients (team building). To organize additional services, animators and hired presenters can be involved. Such holidays will be a form of a fun relay race with a developed competition program and an individual approach to each participant. A detailed price list for services is presented in Table. one.

Table 1. List of rope park services




Cost, rub.


Route “Beginner”, tariff “Weekdays”

Individual passage of the route for visitors from 4 years. Visiting Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

180/30 min.


Route "Beginner", tariff "Evening"

Individual passage of the route for visitors from 4 years. Visiting Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

190/30 minutes


Route "Novicek", tariff "Day off"

Individual passage of the route for visitors from 4 years. Visit Saturday, Sunday, holidays from 9:00 to 21:00

200/30 min.


Route "Experienced", tariff "Weekdays"

Individual passage of the route for visitors with a height of 140 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Visiting Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

280/30 minutes


Route "Experienced", tariff "Evening"

Individual passage of the route for visitors with a height of 140 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Visiting Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

290/30 minutes


Route "Experienced", tariff "Day off"

Individual passage of the route for visitors with a height of 140 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Visit Saturday, Sunday, holidays from 9:00 to 21:00

300/30 min.


Route “Profi”, tariff “Weekdays”

Individual passage of the route for visitors with a height of 160 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Visiting Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

380/30 minutes


Route "Profi", tariff "Evening"

Individual passage of the route for visitors with a height of 160 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Visiting Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

390/30 minutes


Route “Profi”, tariff “Day off”

Individual passage of the route for visitors with a height of 160 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Visit Saturday, Sunday, holidays from 9:00 to 21:00

400/30 min.


Group visit. Route "Novice"

Group passage of the Novice route (from 5 people)

150 / pax


Group visit. Route "Experienced"

Group passage of the “Experienced” route (from 5 people)

250 / person


Group visit. Route “Profi”

Group passage of the route “Profi” (from 5 people)

350 / person


1 month subscription for the Novice route

A subscription for 20 visits on any days on the Novichok route for 1 month from the date of purchase



1-month subscription for the experienced season

A subscription for 20 visits any day on the experienced route for 1 month from the date of purchase



1-month subscription for the Pro route

Subscription for 20 visits on any days on the route “Profi” within 1 month from the date of purchase



The action "Bring the family"

15 rubles discount from each ticket when serving 3 or more members of the same family. Upon presentation of relevant documents

- 15 rubles. of the cost of each ticket


Children's holiday

Holding a children's party in a rope park. Relays, contests, instructor support, animator, sweets

2000-4000 / hour



Holding a corporate holiday. Show program, relay races, contests, video filming, buffet

3000-7000 / hour

When creating the rope park, it was decided to pay special attention to ensuring the safety of visitors. To pass the obstacle course, the client needs to approach the set parameters for weight and height. All equipment and equipment for the site is purchased in specialized stores. Throughout the entire length of the route, the so-called continuous insurance system will be installed, the essence of which is to prevent breakdown of participants and the presence of a mechanism for locking carbines in turn. The equipment kits will include: helmets, safety systems, carbines, safety belts, trigger blocks and carbines with automatic couplings. In addition, the cost of the ticket will include the insurance part, up to 10% of its value.

At the stage of opening the park, all employees will undergo practical and theoretical training on safety measures under the guidance of experienced specialists. In addition to the basic technology for providing services, freelance and first aid scenarios will be carefully worked out. Before the start of the working day, the employees of the rope park will conduct a mandatory routine inspection of all key park structures and insurance systems. It should be noted that when installing platforms and structures, trees will not be harmed. Fasteners operate on screeds due to friction without the use of brackets, bolts, nails, and all metal cables are tied around the trunk using wooden gaskets in order to exclude cuts from the tree bark.

4. Sales and marketing

A healthy lifestyle is becoming fashionable today. According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the number of Russians regularly involved in sports has more than doubled from 2008 to 2014, from 15 to 37 million. At the same time, children began to play sports 3.5 times more often.

The target audience of the rope park are residents and visitors from 4 years of age, leading an active lifestyle, loving adventure and sports. About 70% of visitors are children and adolescents under 18 years old, the remaining 30% are people over 18 years old. In general, the main customers can be divided into several groups depending on the purpose of the visit. It:

1. Individual customers. The purpose of visiting individual clients can be different: have fun, test yourself or practice to improve your own performance.

2. Families. The rope park has various levels of difficulty that are suitable for both children and their parents and even grandparents. In addition, the park provides the opportunity to spend family and children's parties.

3. Pupils of children's clubs and schools. Especially for schools, children's clubs and other children's institutions group classes are organized. Relay races and competitions can be selected as the training format, helping to develop coordination, dexterity, physical strength and endurance.

4. Corporate customers. The rope park is a suitable place for holding corporate events and team building trainings (teambuilding), where the team’s ability to act together is tested, mutual trust is growing and friendship ties are growing.

Despite the fact that rope parks began to be massively opened in Russia only recently, regular customers have developed certain consumer demands for the level of their services. If the traditional requirement of parents observing the process is safety, then for lovers of independent passage, this is a variety of tasks. Moreover, there should be no “impassable” stages, just as the abundance of elementary tasks will be perceived negatively. The issue of accessibility is also important. Since the main customers will be children and adolescents, the prices should be low.

It was decided to put the above requirements and characteristics of the target audience at the heart of the concept of the rope park. On an area of ​​1200 square meters. meters will be organized three routes of various categories of complexity. Moreover, the price category for services is small for a city with a million people. The average check for passing the route will be 260 rubles. The process of providing services in the rope park occurs according to the following scenario:

1. Ground training on the use of insurance and safety on the trail;

2. Obtaining a visitor's painting about the briefing;

3. Issue of equipment and launch;

4. The passage of the route under the supervision of an instructor;

5. The completion of the route.

As the main methods of advertising and promotion, preference is given to print advertising (distribution of leaflets and booklets) and online advertising. The latter, in particular, implies targeted advertising on social networks, namely in groups and publics with the largest percentage of the target audience. Information about the services and prices of the rope park can be found on the official website and in groups on social networks. It is planned to post news about the park and photo reports on past holidays and competitions there. The site is planned to be maintained at the top positions in search engine queries. Costs for SEO-promotion will amount to 5 thousand rubles. As a program that increases the level of customer loyalty, it is planned to apply discounts to customers who come to the institution with their families. The discount will be given to visitors who brought with them to pass the obstacle course of two or more family members.

1.5 months before the opening, it is planned to start conducting groups on social networks and selling subscriptions to visit the rope park at a discount. On the first day of work, an opening promotion campaign will be held with prize draws and season tickets. The budget of the action will be 80 thousand rubles.

5. Production plan

The rope park will be located on the territory of one of the popular city culture and leisure parks. The size of the entertainment area will be 1200 square meters. meters. The area will be leased from the city park for a 5-year period with the possibility of prolonging the contract. Due to the seasonality of work between the business owner and the park management, an agreement was reached on providing rental vacations in the autumn-winter period, as well as in the first month of the park’s operation. Near the rope park there are children's attractions, which should have a positive effect on attendance.

For the construction of the rope park, it is planned to use the services of a specialized company with experience and construction technology according to European standards (ERCA). The cost of building and designing three tracks with downhills, the purchase of a continuous insurance system and 25 sets of equipment will amount to 1, 450 thousand rubles. The price includes a specialist visit to measure and evaluate the territory, preparation of documents, manufacture of components and installation work. The warranty period of the rope park is 2 years. This amount also includes the cost of starting staff training. In addition, to accommodate the administrator, you will need a pavilion made of wood with an area of ​​4 square meters. meters worth 60 thousand rubles.

The rope park is open from 9:00 to 21:00 without breaks and days off for 7 months (April - October). In case of heavy rain or snowfall, the rope park stops working, all activities are postponed to another day.

Reception of visitors and control of the park is carried out by 2 administrators working in shifts (including the owner of the rope park). Требования к администратору веревочного парка: опыт работы в сфере управления от 3 лет, высшее образование, умение работать с людьми, коммуникабельность, требовательность, ответственность. Прохождение полосы препятствий веревочного парка проходит под надзором сотрудника-инструктора. Основным, но необязательным требованием к инструктору является квалификация инструктора-альпиниста либо опыт спортивного туризма. График работы инструкторов – посменный с фиксированной суммой за одну смену + 5% от продаж. Испытательный срок работы – 1 месяц. Фонд оплаты труда сотрудников представлен в Табл. 2. Поскольку веревочный парк будет функционировать лишь в теплое время года, то работа является сезонной.

Таблица 2. Фонд оплаты труда



Number of people



Администратор веревочного парка


20, 000




1 500/смена +5% от продаж


45 850 + 5% от продаж

Пропускная способность веревочного парка составит до 60 человек в час. Соответственно максимальной возможной загрузкой парка в сезон с апреля по октябрь будет 21 888 клиентов. При среднем чеке веревочного парка в 260 руб. максимальной теоретически возможной выручкой будет сумма в 5 690 880 руб. в сезон. Однако, на практике пропускная способность веревочного парка и реальная посещаемость – два совершенно разных показателя. Реальная загрузка будет напрямую зависеть от маркетинговой поддержки и позиционирования парка. Ожидаемая плановая загрузка в первый год работы составит 1500 клиентов в месяц (7% от пропускной способности), ко второму году работы уровень продаж планируется поднять до 2000 клиентов в месяц (около 9% от пропускной способности). При данных объемах продаж выйти на окупаемость удастся на второй сезон работы парка.

Затраты основного периода будут включать аренду площадки, зарплату сотрудникам, плату за услуги по охране, траты рекламу и SEO-продвижение сайта, а также прочие расходы (перчатки, мешки для мусора и т.д.). Гарантированный срок службы веревочного парка составляет 10 лет. Текущие расходы на эксплуатацию будут представлять собой замену, ремонт и покраску некоторых деревянных элементов. Так как веревочный парк планируется расположить под открытым небом, то конструкция будет подвергаться внешним факторам. В связи с этим потребуется проводить ежегодный осмотр площадки специалистом.

6. Organizational plan

Запуск проекта займет 3 месяца. Весь процесс можно разделить на несколько основных шагов. На первом этапе происходят процедуры регистрации бизнеса и оформления необходимых документов. Второй этап подразумевает выбор места размещения и проектирование с учетом особенностей рельефа. Совместно с компанией, занимающейся строительством веревочного парка составляется техзадание, определяется пропускная способность парка. После этого начинается разработка проектной документации. На третьем этапе происходит производство и монтаж всех необходимых деталей веревочного парка, а также тестирование основных узлов площадки. В отличие от возведения других видов аттракционов строительство веревочного парка укладывается в небольшой промежуток времени (7-14 дней). Четвертый этап включает обучение сотрудников. Сотрудникам объясняют тонкости работы со снаряжением, инструктируют по технике безопасности.

Структура управления включает административный и производственный персонал. Руководство и стратегическое планирование бизнеса, поиск партнеров осуществляет собственник бизнеса, совмещая свои обязанности с работой администратора. Администратор веревочного парка обеспечивает бесперебойную работу веревочного парка, отвечает за эффективную работу инструкторов, проводит инструктаж для посетителей-новичков. В его ведении находится учет фактически отработанного времени инструкторов, ведение CRM-системы, управление конфликтными ситуациями. В обязанности инструктора входит инструктаж и сопровождение клиентов на маршрутах, наблюдение за состоянием трасс и страховочного снаряжения, обеспечение соблюдения техники безопасности всеми посетителями.

7.Financial plan

Для реализации проекта понадобится объем денежных ресурсов в размере 1 680 000 руб. Из них 1 510 000 руб. понадобится для закупки необходимого оборудования, строительства парка и обучения сотрудников. Еще 170 тыс. руб. уйдет на создание сайта, приобретение ПО и проведение акции открытия. Затраты основного периода состоят из: арендной платы (40 тыс. руб.), оплаты труда персоналу (45 850 + 5% продаж) услуги охраны (3 тыс. руб.), рекламы (30 тыс. руб.), и прочих текущих расходов. Подробные показатели по выручке, прибыли, издержкам и денежному потоку можно увидеть в Приложении 1. Финансовые расчеты данного бизнес-плана сделаны на пятилетний период с учетом увеличения загрузки с каждым новым сезоном (от 1500 клиентов в месяц в первый сезон до 4000 клиентов в пятый сезон) в связи с ростом узнаваемости парка. Расчеты не учитывают продажу абонементов и организацию детских и корпоративных праздников.

8. Evaluation of project effectiveness

Открытие веревочного парка является экономически выгодным проектом, что подтверждают проведенные расчеты. При заданных объемах загрузки парк выйдет на окупаемость на второй сезон работы - через 16 месяцев после старта проекта . При этом чистая прибыль бизнеса в пиковые месяцы продаж будет достигать 795 000 руб. Ключевые показатели эффективности данного бизнес-плана представлены в Табл. 3.

Таблица 3. Показатели эффективности проекта





Discount rate, %



Net present value (NPV), rub.

7 474 226


Project net profit *, rub.

252 000 – 795 000


Return on sales, %

15, 61


Payback period (PP), months



Discount payback period (DPP), months



Profitability Index (PI)%

4, 45

9. Risks and warranties

Основной возможный риск проекта – это низкий поток клиентов, а как следствие нерентабельность проекта. Для снижения данной угрозы был учтен такой показатель как место размещения (один из популярных городских парков), ценовая политика, а также уровень предложенных услуг. Веревочный парк имеет несколько трасс различных уровней сложности и множество этапов, что должно вызывать интерес клиентов и выделять площадку на фоне конкурентов. Данное направление бизнеса является перспективным – в стране увеличивается количество людей, регулярно занимающихся спортом и активными видами деятельности, что тоже влияет на снижение рисков.

Описание и оценка рисков, с которыми может столкнуться руководство веревочного парка, а также меры по предотвращению даны в Табл. four.

Таблица 4. Оценка рисков проекта и мероприятия по предотвращению их наступления или их последствий



Probability of occurrence

Severity of consequences

Prevention measures


Низкий поток клиентов, нерентабельность



Активная работа по привлечению клиентов с помощью маркетинговых инструментов, увеличению их лояльности, формирование спроса


Срыв, получение травмы клиентом



Следование нормам техники безопасности, использование сертифицированного оборудования и его своевременная замена, заключение договора со страховой компанией, включение страховой части в цену билета


Значительное падение продаж вследствие непогоды



Увеличение срока работы в солнечные дни осени и весны, перенос мероприятий


Затягивание сроков строительства веревочного парка



Пользование услугами опытной компании, договор с фиксированным сроком проектирования и завершения строительства


Рост числа конкурентов в городе



Использование конкурентных преимуществ, рассмотрение возможности увеличения трасс либо добавления новых этапов, использование программ лояльности

10. Applications


Основные финансовые показатели проекта в пятилетней перспективе

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