Ready business plan for a wedding salon

* The calculations use the average data for the World 1, 600, 000 ₽

Minimum starting capital

21 months




45 224 ₽

Net profit per month

We open a wedding salon

The purpose of the project is the opening of a wedding salon in Surgut (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra).

Demand in wedding salons in the specified region is great - Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug holds the leading position in the number of marriages per 1000 population, ranking second in this indicator in Russia. The target audience of salon buyers is the female part of the population from 8 to 60 years old, about 77% of the main buyers are girls from 18 to 35 years old who want to get married.

The assortment of the wedding salon includes:

  1. Wedding dresses of 6 domestic and foreign brands;

  2. Evening dresses of domestic brands;

  3. Children's dresses of domestic brands;

  4. Wedding accessories and jewelry.

Investments amount to 1, 604, 000 rubles. The volume of starting investments, including working capital - 2 500 000 rubles. The amount of equity is 2 500 000 rubles, borrowed funds - 0 rubles. The deadline for reaching the planned sales volume of 1 million rubles. since the start of sales is 2 months. The payback period of the project is 21 months.

* for 3 years of work

Sale and sale of wedding dresses

The aim of the project is the opening of a wedding salon in Surgut. As the direction of the salon, sales of wedding and evening dresses, as well as wedding accessories and jewelry, were chosen.

The main income of the wedding salon is based on the sale of wedding dresses and the sale of related products (shoes, veils, accessories, etc.). Additional income is derived from the sale of evening dresses, the demand for which is less prone to seasonal fluctuations. Also, clients of the salon are provided with a number of additional services, such as storing dresses before the wedding, steaming before the holiday, and more.

The bridal salon is a 52 sq. M. meters, 40 square meters of which falls on the trade and exhibition hall with a fitting room. The salon is located in the central part of the city, in a multi-storey residential building, the format of the salon is street retail.

The interior management structure is simple. Direct management is carried out by the project owner and manager. They are responsible for all administrative matters, including the purchase of products. Directly involved in sales are three sales managers working in shifts.

The cost of repair and equipment of the cabin is 445 thousand rubles. Starting purchase volume - 1104 thousand rubles. Total investment costs, taking into account other start-up costs (a trip to a wedding exhibition to find suppliers, creating a website) - 1604 thousand rubles. It will also require about 896 thousand as working capital needed for payroll, rent, procurement, etc. In total, opening a business will require 2.5 million rubles, which is planned to be taken from personal savings. An IP with a simplified taxation system (6% of the income received) was chosen as the form of ownership of the wedding salon.

Profitability of a wedding salon

At the heart of the product matrix of the salon are wedding dresses that make up the basic assortment of the salon. These are dresses of 6 brands from European, Russian, Chinese, American and Turkish manufacturers, sold with a margin of 100-200% of the purchase price. The price range of dresses is from 10 to 50 thousand rubles.

The main emphasis is placed on the price category of up to 30 thousand rubles, which accounts for about 75% of the assortment of wedding dresses. 25% have a cost of 30 to 50 thousand rubles. The emphasis on the middle price segment with high quality is selected as a competitive advantage (in other stores the margin reaches 300% or more) - in the conditions of a crisis in the economy that is observed in 2014-2016. customers try to save on unnecessary expenses, which include the purchase of wedding dresses.

The main replenishment of wedding collections occurs at the beginning of the New Year and before the start of the spring-summer season, and also additionally depending on orders and sales. 25% of the assortment of dresses falls on children's and evening dresses costing from 4 to 14 thousand rubles. Depending on the season, the percentage of evening and children's dresses is planned to be increased to 40-45%.

Another part of the assortment is made up of wedding accessories - veils, gloves, tiaras, wedding fur coats and capes, jewelry, as well as other festive attributes and decorations, the markup on which reaches 300%. Thus, the initial assortment of the wedding salon can be described by the scheme: "20 models of wedding dresses - 7 models of evening and children's dresses - 77 types of accessories." A complete list of starter filling products is presented in Table. one.

Table 1. The list of products of the wedding salon

Ready-made dresses are ordered directly from manufacturers. The cost of the first batch of wedding dresses will amount to 833, 300 rubles. (taking into account the need to purchase several of the most popular sizes of dresses). Total expenditures for starting goods filling of the salon - 1, 260, 000 rubles. The search for suppliers is carried out by the head of the salon. Investment costs include attending a specialized wedding exhibition in Moscow to establish ties with dress manufacturers. The cost of the trip, including airfare and accommodation, will be 45 thousand rubles.

In addition to selling goods, the salon offers fitting and free pre-holiday ironing services, as well as storing dresses until the holiday. All customers who decide to try on are offered complimentary coffee. As additional services, the client is invited to use the service from partners: wedding car rental, wedding photographer, florist and makeup artist. The share of revenue from sales of additional services of partners is up to 10-15%.

Sales and marketing of a wedding salon

A wedding is one of the most unforgettable days in the life of any person, therefore, on this day, any bride wants to look irresistible. Requirements for the quality of wedding dresses are high. Moreover, modern brides strive to choose unique dresses that emphasize their individuality.

The assortment of the salon takes into account these trends. Dresses of 6 different brands and 20 models were selected, individual tailoring and fitting services are provided. The requirements for the affordability of goods were also taken into account (75% of dresses have a price of 10 to 30 thousand rubles). During the “non-season” (cold season), the range of evening and children's dresses is expanding to 40-45%. In addition, in the cabin you can purchase some related accessories.

The demand for wedding salon products is directly related to indicators such as the number of registered marriages conducted by Rosstat and its regional divisions. According to Rosstat, after the decline in the number of marriages in Russia in the 90s, from the beginning of 2000, the situation began to improve. The number of marriages from 6.6 per 1, 000 population increased to 8.8, however, there was a slight decrease in the future with a surge to 9.5 marriages in 2011. By 2014, the national indicator was at the level of 8.4 marriages per 1, 000 inhabitants.

It is worth noting that the indicators for the number of marriages per thousand population in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra exceed the average Russian values ​​and make up 9.4 weddings per 1000 inhabitants. According to these data, the region holds the second place in Russia, second only to St. Petersburg, where this indicator is 10.

In the city of Surgut, a positive demographic dynamics is recorded - over the past ten years, the birth rate has increased by 70%. The main part of the population is young people aged 25-35 years. The number of men and women in the city is distributed approximately equally. The share of men is 1% higher than the share of women, which is not typical for the average indicators in Russia (86 men per 100 women). Recently, the city has a tradition of mass marriages, which are transformed from personal family holidays to public ones. These factors contribute to the opening of a wedding business in Surgut.

In the city of Surgut, there are about 20 organizations represented by both European monobrand network stores and local multi-brand networks and single stores. On average, there are 160 city marriages per salon. Also, many other settlements and cities come to the city for marriage, for example, residents of the Surgut region (population about 121 thousand people). Based on the calculation of the number of marriages in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (9.4 marriages per 1000 people), then for each salon there are 57 more clients. Total - from 217 customers per year for each salon - if we take into account the city of Surgut and the Surgut region.

According to the regional department of the Federal State Statistics Service, out of almost 16 thousand marriages registered in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug in 2014, 43% were marriages in which the bride's age ranged from 25 to 34 years (6876 marriages). In 34% of the bride's age ranged from 18 to 24 years (5426 marriages), in 22% - from 35 years or more (3457 marriages). In 1% of marriages, the bride was less than 18 years old (116 marriages). Based on these data, the main target audience is the category of women aged 18 to 35 years, which accounts for all 77% of marriages. It is worth noting that the clientele is not limited to brides, and any girls from 16 years old who choose to buy an evening dress for a holiday (graduation party, party, birthday, corporate party, etc.), as well as girls from 8 to 16, also fall in it. .

The main weaknesses of competitors are the relatively poor assortment of wedding dresses, which is why the most demanding customers go to buy larger cities (in particular, Tyumen), insufficient quality of products, low level of salon service (neglected communication from clients, impatient attitude to the whims of brides, etc.), poor marketing policy and poor work with potential buyers on social networks.

Sales are planned to be carried out directly in the salon. Customers are invited to make a choice from the assortment presented in the salon or to make an order according to the printed catalog or through the electronic version on the official website with the possibility of enlarging the image (“magnifying glass” tool).

It is planned to attract potential customers by actively maintaining accounts and groups on social networks (Vkontakte, Instagram), as well as by using SEO-promotion of the site with access to the first lines of search queries “wedding dress”, “wedding salon”, “buy a wedding dress” . The creation of the site is planned to be completed a week before the official opening. Salon groups in social networks are planned to be opened 2 months before the start. Filling - the announcement of the future opening of the salon, assortment, social surveys to determine the preferences of the audience and more.

Wedding Salon Opening Plan

Geographically, the wedding salon is located in the city of Surgut with a population of 340 thousand people, in the central district of the city. As a place for opening, a room on the 1st floor of a multi-storey building was chosen, in the immediate vicinity of the city registry office and the "wedding zone", that is, existing wedding salons. The choice of this location is determined by the psychology of the client. Choosing a wedding outfit, the bride seeks to get around as many salons as possible, therefore, first of all she visits the so-called "wedding quarters", and not single points.

The building area is 52 square meters. meters with an area of ​​the exhibition hall of 40 square meters. m., which is the best option based on average industry standards. For the repair of the premises (painting and decorating, window dressing, installation of signs, etc.), 180 thousand rubles will be needed. To create the interior of the trade and exhibition hall with a romantic mood, a designer was involved (the cost of work is 40 thousand rubles). The planned period of repair and decoration is 1.5 months.

The cost of equipping the wedding salon will amount to 265 thousand rubles. A complete list of equipment is given in Table 2.

Table 2. Equipment costs

The tasks of ensuring the functioning of the wedding salon are assigned to the business owner and manager. The salon staff includes 3 sellers working in shifts. (see table 3). Schedule - 11.00-19.00 seven days a week. Accounting functions were transferred to a specialized accounting firm (outsourcing).

The salary's current expenses are based on rental payments (45 thousand rubles), salaries by employees (together with deductions - 119.7 thousand rubles), utility bills. Variable expenses include updating collections (on average - 500 thousand rubles per month), advertising costs (15 thousand rubles), website SEO-promotion (6 thousand rubles). A key factor affecting variable costs is seasonality. Decrease in sales occurs from October, the "low season" lasts until April.

Wedding Salon Organization Plan

The project launch period from the procedures for registration of IPs to the actual opening is 3 months. The head of the salon is the owner of the business, which is not required to be constantly present in the salon, carrying out management remotely. His responsibilities include strategic business planning, the search for new suppliers and partners. Direct daily management of the cabin is carried out by the administrator. The sales manager is a senior sales manager.

He is subordinate to two seller consultants. All employees, including the manager, are also directly subordinate to the project owner. As a motivation for the staff, sellers receive in addition to the salary of 2% of sales. Criteria for the selection of personnel - sociability, courtesy, good looks, poise.

There are no serious qualification requirements for staff. The training is carried out by the head and manager of the salon and does not require a lot of time.

Wedding Salon Financial Plan

The cost of the investment period is 1604 thousand rubles. These include:

  • repair of the premises and the creation of interior design - 180 thousand rubles .;

  • purchase of equipment - 265 thousand rubles;

  • starting commodity filling - 1 104 thousand rubles;

  • a working trip to a specialized exhibition of dresses in Moscow, including accommodation and air travel - 45 thousand rubles;

  • website creation - 10 thousand rubles.

The costs of the main period include:

  • purchase of dresses and accessories - 518.5 thousand rubles;

  • PHOT - 119.7 thousand rubles + 2% of sales;

  • 50 sq. rent m. - 45 thousand rubles;

  • advertising - 15 thousand rubles .;

  • accounting (outsourcing) - 7 thousand rubles;

  • SEO site promotion - 6 thousand rubles .;

  • utilities - 3 thousand rubles;

  • electricity - 1.5 thousand rubles.

The main financial indicators of the project, such as cash flow, revenue, profit and expenses are presented in the Appendices (see the Report on financial results). The calculations are based on the average number of customers per month of 30 people.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the wedding salon

The project for opening a wedding salon is characterized by a high level of margins on goods (from 100% to 300%) and the willingness of customers to spend large amounts of money on purchases, which significantly reduces the level of risk and ensures good profitability upon reaching planned sales volumes.

The payback period of the project is 21 months, the discounted payback period is 31 months. The main indicators calculated for the three-year period are given in Table. 4. According to them, the net profit of the bridal salon will be 1628 thousand rubles.

Table 4. Project performance indicators

Wedding Risks and Guarantees

The project for opening a wedding salon is a traditional and well-developed type of business. The chosen region of development contributes to the wedding business: the number of marriages per thousand people in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug is one of the highest. One of the main risks of a wedding salon is the seasonality factor. Due to the duration of the cold season, there is a great danger of wasting income received during peak sales in the main months. To minimize the negative consequences for the elasticity of demand and increase profitability, it is proposed to carry out a set of measures to enhance marketing activities, introduce large discounts on past collections of dresses (up to 30-50%), focus on the sale of evening dresses and additional services. The main risks are reflected in Table. five.

Table 5. Assessment of project risks and measures to prevent their occurrence or their consequences


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