Profitability of water delivery business 25%

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Every year, the number of those who switch to bottled water increases by 5-7%. Stable growth makes the water market more interesting for business. Creating your own production costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, organizing a water delivery service is 15 times cheaper.

The water company does not need any licenses. You will need an agreement with the manufacturer. Manufacturing companies require potential partners to provide information about the proposed territory where the water will be sold, the volume of first purchases and data on the initial client base.

It is important that the future dealer is able to consistently redeem a certain batch of goods. Manufacturers set the selling price individually for each partner.

Separately, you have to purchase containers. Each of the 19-liter bottles costs from 180 to 220 rubles. In the future, returning the container to the manufacturer and acquiring a new batch, the dealer pays only for water.

Concluding the agreement, one should check whether the bottler has all the documents necessary for the production of water - first of all, papers from the SES confirming the quality of the water and the compliance of the declared chemical composition with the actual one.

Water Delivery Business: Premises

The water company needs an office and a warehouse. The location of the office does not really matter: almost always communicate with customers by phone. Therefore, you can save by renting a basement or office on the outskirts of the city. One option is to create an “office” at home.

For a modest company with one or two office workers, an area of ​​10-15 square meters is enough. m. The rental price varies from 600 to 1.2 thousand rubles. per sq. m. Of furniture and appliances have to buy chairs, tables and telephones. You can purchase a multi-line telephone with a PBX. On the purchase of a computer, printer, copier, you will need to worry secondarily when the customer base exceeds 200 people.

If you can do without a separate office, then a warehouse is necessary in any case. The warehouse must be rented with a purchase volume of 16-20 tons of water per month. The room should be equipped with water storage. Water must be protected from direct sunlight, it is imperative to maintain the air temperature in the range from +5 to +20 degrees. "

It is not difficult to achieve such storage conditions - tightly closed windows and a working heating system are enough. Rental prices for suitable storage facilities start at 120 rubles. per sq. m, and on average - about 300 rubles. per sq. m

The location of the warehouse is much more important than the office. It is best to find a room in the area where the company has the most customers, even if you need to overpay for the rental, because the time lost in traffic jams and fuel and lubricants will cost more.

Water Delivery Business: Fleet

The fleet of a water carrier delivering 4-5 tons per week should consist of one or two cars. Opinions regarding the choice of domestic or imported cars are ambiguous. Some experts advise the domestic "Gazelle". She copes with all the loads, and its cost is quite acceptable. The price of one Gazelle is about 300 thousand rubles.

Others adhere to the opposite point of view: “Small-tonnage foreign trucks cost about the same as domestic ones, but they are more durable and will last you three years longer. This is especially important if the company is small and actively operates its fleet. ”

Water Delivery Business: Staff

A small water carrier company needs to have a dispatcher, two forwarding drivers for each car - they will work in shifts. By the way, dispatchers can work at home, and this does not require a place in the office, and they can be paid 20-30% less.

Almost all companies in the bottled water market recruit employees by posting ads to newspapers or using personal connections. The dispatcher’s salary is 5–8 thousand rubles, and the driver’s salary is about 10 thousand rubles. It is advisable to hire one or two people who will be engaged in active sales. Such managers are required to work with corporate clients. Form of payment - salary (about 5 thousand rubles) plus remuneration (10-25% of the transaction amount).

Water Delivery Business: Advertising

To sell 20 tons of water per month, you need a base of about a hundred customers (an average family of three people consumes 40-50 liters per week). The dealer’s task is to inform potential customers about their services, that is, timely and quality delivery. The product itself (water) is advertised by the manufacturer. In order to promote their services, water carriers deliver advertisements and modules in newspapers, put up advertisements at entrances and stopping complexes, and place flyers on mailboxes. On average, companies spend 8 thousand rubles on these forms of advertising. per month.

It is also worth creating your own website, which is very useful for promotion.

A small company purchasing 20, 250 bottles a week in advertising is better off betting on households than on offices. Moreover, to choose houses that are not yet covered by other companies, because private clients pay for water immediately and always more than corporate ones, households rarely change their choice.

Water Delivery Business: Payback

Market operators argue that the average profitability of a water delivery business starts at 15-25%. The payback period depends on the chosen strategy and plans of investors. A company that buys 20 tons per month and completely sells the goods, may well return its investments in a year and a half.

The income of a delivery company depends primarily on the price at which it buys water. And the price, in turn, depends on the volume of purchases and terms of cooperation. At retail, intermediaries sell water at the same cost as the manufacturer. As a result, the markup that dealers do varies from 50 to 300%, but sometimes it is higher.

The average retail price is 4-6 rubles. per liter.

One of the most important conditions for cooperation is a ban on the sale of goods at a price lower than that of the manufacturer. Dumping can lead to termination of the contract.


Calculation for a company that delivers 5 tons of water per week.

The purchase price is 2 rubles. per liter, sales - 6 rubles. per liter.

Staff - two forwarding drivers, a dispatcher at home.

One-time opening costs:

Gazelle car - 300 000 rub

Tara - 105 000 rub

Announcement of employment - 3000r

Cash register 20 000r

Total: 428 000 rub

Income - 120 000 rub

Fixed costs:

Warehouse rental - 5000r

Salary of drivers - 20 000 rub

Dispatcher salary - 5000 rub

Advertising - 8000r

Total: 38 000 rub

Variable Costs:

Water purchase - 40 000 rub

Fuels and lubricants - 8000r

Total: 48 000 rub

Total all expenses: 86 000 rub

Profit before tax - 34, 000

Profitability - 39.5%

Entry threshold - 514 600 rub

Based on materials from the Business Quarter magazine

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data