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Having been treated by a therapist, a person does not always completely get rid of the disease or complications caused by it. Often, the patient needs subsequent prophylaxis or additional health-improving procedures to avoid relapse of the disease. However, the cured patient should no longer be on the pill; he is offered an alternative - physiotherapy; this field of medicine is based on the healing possibilities of natural and artificially created physical factors, which makes it a safe and kind of environmentally friendly medicine industry. At the same time, physiotherapy refers to clinical treatment, it is recommended and prescribed by a doctor as a full passage of wellness practice or prevention. Its usefulness has long been proven, the effectiveness of the methods used allows you to successfully treat patients, for which purpose special equipment was developed.

Physiotherapy differs from naturopathy, traditional medicine and other pseudoscientific methods precisely in that it really cures the patient and is a full-fledged (albeit maybe somewhat non-standard) medicine. A physiotherapist is not a cheater, not a charlatan, and not a fraud (unlike all doctors trying to treat with alternative methods), he is a specialist with a medical education. Therefore, the provision of physiotherapeutic services is a socially useful activity that precisely cures the patient, and does not kill him for his own money, as all kinds of shamans and grandmothers-sorcerers do.

Physiotherapeutic services can be provided to the population either in the physiotherapy department (PTO) or in the physiotherapy office (FTK). The opening of the department involves a full range of physiotherapy services, but only a limited list of services is provided in the office. The department is, in its essence, a small clinic that only specializes in a particular branch of medicine, while the offices are opened in clinics to provide additional services.

For an entrepreneur, the difference is primarily in the amount of investments; Of course, opening the PTF is much more expensive and will require further advertising and “promotion” of your department as an independent medical institution, but you can open an office in a well-known hospital, which will also reduce the cost of an advertising campaign, since the hospital already has its own clientele, which will be able to use the services of physiotherapy. In addition to the limited list of services, FTK's disadvantage is accountability to the head institution, the need to comply with the rules established by the hospital, in the territory of which the office is opened. However, for a limited entrepreneur, the physiotherapy room is a much more promising, quicker, less costly undertaking. Physiotherapy includes the following industries:

  • Laser therapy is an unnatural treatment method, based, as the name implies, based on the therapeutic effect of directed light energy (laser).

  • Diadynamic therapy (DDT) - treatment with low-frequency electric current.

  • Amplipulse therapy is a treatment method similar to DDT, suggesting exposure to weak sinusoidal currents of different frequencies.

  • Micropolarization is another method based on the effect of electricity on the patient in order to change the state of his central nervous system.

  • Electromyostimulation - stimulation of muscles and nerves in order to restore their performance.

  • Massage - it refers to therapeutic, aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases.

  • Therapeutic physical culture (LFK) is a complex of various measures for the support, rehabilitation and treatment of patients through certain physical activities.

  • Heat therapy - various methods of exposure to heat on the human body.

  • Cryotherapy is a kind of reverse treatment to the previous one, based on the effect of cold on the outer layer of the skin.

  • Halotherapy - inhalation of a purified aerosol of sodium chloride in a specially equipped room. They are used as an additional treatment in pulmonology and allergology.

  • Ionofrez - a method of introducing drugs into the human body using galvanic current.

  • Phonophresis (sonophresis) is an ultrasonic effect on a drug applied to the body with the aim of deeper penetration of a therapeutic substance into tissues.

  • Hydrotherapy - the use of fresh water for physiotherapeutic purposes (a similar method is used in pseudo-medicine, but is represented by other procedures).

  • Mud therapy (peloid therapy) - the name fully reveals the essence of the method.

If you plan to open a physiotherapy room, you need to choose one or several industries in order to deliberately deal with them and provide the client with full treatment. Despite the non-pharmacological and even “natural” and natural treatment of most physiotherapy methods, such activities need to be licensed. But before contacting the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare, it is necessary to register a business entity.

Depending on the working conditions, the main code may be (OKPD 2) 86.10 Services of hospital organizations, (OKPD 2) 86.22 Services in the field of specialized medical practice, (OKPD 2) 86.90 Other medical services. You can contact the licensee only after finding a job, purchasing and installing equipment and hiring personnel. The Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare will require to pay a fee (6 thousand rubles) for consideration of the application, and then provide notarized copies of all documents on the ownership or rental of premises, equipment, notarized copies of all documents confirming the experience and qualifications of employees (work books diplomas of higher education, certificates of completion of internship and residency, and so on). Only legal entities can obtain a license; therefore, all documents confirming the legal status of the license applicant must also be provided. In addition, you need to compile a passport of the physiotherapy room with a description of its location, equipment used, working personnel and a list of services. It is worth paying attention that in the case of the PF, it is required to create a passport for each structural office. Consideration of the application may take up to 45 business days, if FTK is opened on the basis of an already operating medical institution, the latter’s management can help resolve this issue faster.

The competition in this type of business is not too big, in many cities with a million inhabitants no more than ten companies offer such services. Their number is greater in the settlements, which are traditionally considered to be health, rehabilitation and recreation centers, but there are mainly physiotherapy rooms and departments offering to use natural sources - mud baths, salt caves, places for water therapy and the like. At the same time, a similar business can be successful in small cities, because such services are addressed regardless of the place of residence.

Difficulties can arise when looking for a clinic that agrees to open a physiotherapy room for a third-party company based on its institution. However, the reverse situation is quite likely, when the hospital will be glad to open an FTK, without investing significant funds, but receiving a rent for a previously empty room. It is possible that you have to finish building a small building. With the most favorable outcome, about 30 thousand rubles will be required for renting the first month to get the premises, but there is a chance that you will have to erect your own construction or carry out major repairs, which will require several million.

The opening of the FTO is generally the construction of a full-fledged building on the purchased territory, to which all communications must also be brought; here the bill can go already tens of millions of rubles. You can rent a separate building, but although the initial investment will be significantly lower, the monthly costs will increase, and there will be no real estate ownership. In general, one must proceed from the available means, remembering that the best option is to have your own physiotherapy department in your own building.

Depending on the list of services, personnel are hired and equipment purchased. In general, devices for such medicine cannot be called expensive (especially in comparison with the equipment of any other subsection of medicine), a rare unit costs more than 50 thousand rubles, although for some copies the price can reach 200 thousand. Providing one type of procedure will cost an average of 200 thousand rubles - so a massage will not require significant investments, but for electrotherapy you will have to pay significantly more. It must be borne in mind that some types of physiotherapy services are difficult to provide in some cities (full-fledged mud baths - you can only buy therapeutic mud for local procedures, but the effect will still not be the same) or it will require significant amounts (to ensure halotherapy - replacement of speleotherapy - you need equip a special room, while in the natural sources of the salt deposit, hospitals are organized without additional equipment). The most inexpensive complexes for discovery are the busiest (massage is offered, for example, by many organizations, even non-medical ones).

It is best to study the market, rather than discovering something that is not yet in the city - it is possible that the population does not need such a service. It’s good to work in the hospital in your physiotherapy room by the fact that other doctors will initially tell you what the population needs, and in the future they will refer patients to the FTC of their own clinic. An independent entrepreneur must carefully study the demand and supply, deal with the organization of each of the areas, and only after that get down to business. But an entrepreneur may well not have a medical education, so initially you need to find a knowledgeable physiotherapist who will tell you what equipment is best to buy and how to start and continue to work. Subsequently, he will become the head physician of the institution.

For a small office, you will also need to hire a manager, who will become a knowledgeable physiotherapist with a higher medical education and at least 5 years of experience. He will be able to work with all patients on his own, and a junior medical staff will be hired to help him - a senior nurse, a general physiotherapy nurse, a nurse, and also nurses, one for each branch of physiotherapy offered by the organization. The doctor will receive from 40 thousand rubles, the junior medical staff - from 20 thousand, the older sister - from 25, the orderly - from 15. Thus, if the office operates with one type of service, then the monthly provision of the wage fund will cost 120 thousand rubles.

If you work in a hospital, then it can take over all accounting and shift it to its employees (this will be included in the rental price), utility bills will be common, and you won’t have to worry about security. That is, in the ideal case, 150 thousand will be required monthly to cover expenses, the price of consumables will be included in the cost of services. In physiotherapy, not too much medicine is used, so this amount will be insignificant.

The amount of start-up capital for opening your physiotherapy room on the basis of an existing clinic starts at 400 thousand rubles (provided that all registration, licensing and registration should be enough for 50 thousand rubles). As mentioned above, the starting capital can be several million rubles, if you open an independent physiotherapy department and even a full-fledged medical center specializing in physiotherapy. This is already a complex business with many factors and its constituent elements.

The amount of initial investments varies greatly depending on the city of discovery, and this is due not only to the fact that the standard of living in cities is different, but also to what resources the city has. Settlements on the coast can have salt caves, where you can open an inhalation therapy center with the ability to visit healing natural springs. Here you can open your physiotherapy room not only in medical institutions, but also in the resort and health centers and even hotels. It all depends on the market, what it lacks and what is already too much. There are too many options to give some general scheme of work.

A significant advantage of a large physiotherapeutic complex over a small office in increased profitability. A physiotherapist can carry out several procedures, that is, even a small staff can provide the work of a large center. When a small office opens, employees do not fully show their potential to earn money from. And the prices for services cannot be called high - this is based on the proposals of competitors and the low cost of one procedure. It is likely that the largest price tag may be posted at the appointment of a physiotherapist, and even here the amount does not exceed 1000 rubles. The average cost of one-time procedures is 500 rubles, but an entrepreneur from one client will earn much more, because treatment is signed for many months, and sometimes even for many years, sessions. It turns out that only twenty clients a day will provide 220 thousand income, while operating profit will be 70 thousand rubles. Net subject to a simplified taxation system with a scheme of calculation of "income minus expenses" will be almost 60 thousand rubles. But in order to provide yourself with such amounts, you must either provide services in which group therapy is possible, or open at least three rooms - otherwise the patency of such a flow of customers will be impossible. The center can operate in different schedules, but usually it is a six-day work week with a shorter working day on Saturday. But even a small physiotherapy room has many development prospects, if you start to work in new directions. Additional staff will be required only with significant expansion, so the profitability of such a project is the higher, the more industries are used.

You can recoup the invested funds during the first year of work, even if you make an adjustment for a small number of patients in the first couple of months. But a small level of competition will soon make it possible to have a regular clientele, while the patient is unlikely to leave for another organization, because it was here that he was already engaged in his treatment, he has a doctor and all the procedures are scheduled for many months in advance. This allows you to earn your name right after entering the market, and the principle of word of mouth will attract new visitors. The main condition is not to overestimate the prices and keep the level of service at a decent level, because the client expects an attentive and careful attitude from private medical institutions.

Matthias Laudanum

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