Own business: car alarm installation workshop

* The calculations use the average data for the World 480 000 ₽

Starting investments

400 000 ₽


150 000 ₽

Net profit

7-8 months

Payback period

Car service is a profitable and stable direction. With a starting capital of 500 thousand rubles, you can open a car workshop for installing alarms and earn 150 thousand rubles a month.

Love cars and look for a niche to open your profitable business? Then start installing car alarms. Every year the number of cars is growing, their owners are interested in safety. Therefore, the demand for your services will always be. All you need: to organize a business correctly. Let's figure out how to do it.

Market Review

Before you plan to start a business, you should study the market: demand, competition, trends.

Relevance of the business and demand for services. According to the traffic police, over the past 10 years, the Russian car fleet has increased by 65%, and the annual increase in the number of cars is 1.5 million units. With the growth of the domestic car fleet, the number of crimes related to car theft increases. At the end of 2016, 13, 700 car thefts were registered. According to police, it reveals about 30% of the total number of crimes. This means that only every second car is returned to the owners.

Disappointing statistics reveal the need to protect the car from theft and the installation of security systems. The modern market of car alarms offers devices of various degrees of protection, complexity and cost. However, according to experts, the share of cars protected from burglary and theft is only 18%.

In addition, the peak of the crisis in the Russian car market has passed. In 2018, about 1.5 million new cars will be sold in Russia. Each car owner is a potential customer of the alarm installation service. When getting a new car, drivers primarily care about its safety. Also, do not forget about servicing supported cars. When purchasing a used car, many owners also install a security system or change the old one.

Today, there are many different options for protecting a car from hijackers: it can be either elementary steering and pedal locks, or quite expensive, complex electronic security systems. Recently, there has been a growing trend in the popularity of expensive security systems that provide reliable protection and are quite difficult to install, which forces car owners to turn to alarm installation masters. Most motorists managed to appreciate the benefits of working with private masters, as the services of an authorized dealer are often much more expensive.

These circumstances make such type of services as installation of car alarms in demand. Such a service is able to bring stable, high income, since the cost of services for installing car alarms varies between 5000-20000 rubles.

Competition. Installation of car alarms is a fairly developed area of ​​commercial activity, so it’s rather difficult to find a free niche. In a large city with a population of about 1 million people, 40-60 car service centers can operate that provide alarm installation services.

To assess the level of competition in your city, use the 2GIS service. These data will help to form an idea of ​​the number of competitors and their geolocation. So you evaluate the level of competition and determine the area in which you prefer to open. Carrying out such a mini-study should be the initial stage in the implementation of a business idea. You must collect as much information as possible before moving on to action.

Why should I install car alarms? To answer this question, consider the main advantages of such a business:

  • stable profit;

  • current trend in demand;

  • high income at low cost;

  • relatively simple processes of registration, market entry and doing business;

  • relatively low initial investment.

How to open a car service for installing an alarm from scratch?

The initial step for any business is market analysis and marketing research. Estimate the level of demand, study competitors and prices, determine your target audience, draw up a business plan with the calculation of project costs and revenues. When this is done, you can proceed to solving practical problems:

  • Go through the business registration process

  • Define the concept, target audience

  • Find a room and buy equipment

  • Purchase supplies

  • Pick up staff

  • Organize promotional events.

The main thing is that all of the above steps should be carried out sequentially and in accordance with the prepared business plan. Let us consider in more detail each of the stages.

Registration of a car alarm installation business

To conduct business, it is recommended that you register an IP or LLC. You can choose any form of registration, but keep in mind: if you are planning a business development, it is better to register as an LLC. It is better to choose STS as taxation (“income minus expenses” at a rate of 15%). Types of activity according to OKVED-2:

45.20 “Services for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles”.

What other documents will be needed? SES requirements require the execution of the following documents to open a car service:

  • production control program;

  • conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor on the compliance of the premises with the standards;

  • permission of Rospotrebnadzor to carry out activities;

  • contracts for the removal of waste, hazardous substances, disinfection, washing of work clothes.

You can draw up documents on your own, and to reduce the processing time, you can contact a specialized law firm, whose services will cost about 30, 000 rubles.

Concept planning: what services to provide

At the initial stage of the project, it is necessary to choose a direction of activity and determine which segment of customers the service will focus on. There are various types of alarms and security devices, which vary in cost and characteristics:

  • without feedback - the most budget option. Selling such devices is quite profitable, but the installation is less profitable, because it takes a lot of time for the master at a low cost of work. In addition, car owners who purchase low-cost protective devices prefer to install them on their own. Accordingly, the demand for services in this segment is negligible;

  • with feedback - such equipment is somewhat more expensive, allowing you to earn both on the sale and installation of the device;

  • with feedback and startup - the most convenient option for a protective system. Easy to install on both manual and manual gearboxes. This type of alarm is chosen by the owners of expensive cars, so earning on the basis of such devices has good prospects;

  • Premium equipment - this category includes full-fledged security systems or GSM modules. This type of protective system is chosen by the owners of very expensive cars. Work in this segment is unprofitable - car owners who can afford to buy luxury goods will prefer to contact an authorized dealer rather than small private masters.

Therefore, the most promising work with alarm systems with feedback and devices with auto start. These categories are most often used and are presented in the middle price segment, which ensures the demand for services and the desired level of profit.

In addition, it is necessary to provide additional services that will provide additional income. As such, the installation of sensors, immobilizers, locks, parking sensors, xenon, as well as tinting, car audio, etc. The provision of additional services can increase the service revenue by 1.5-2 times.

In accordance with this, a rough list of services has been compiled (see table). Price ranges are approximate and can be adjusted depending on the chosen pricing policy of the organization.

Price car alarm installation workshop

Type of service

Cost, rub.

Alarm setting

One way car alarm


Two way car alarm


Car alarm with auto start


Dismantling car alarms


Car Alarm Diagnostics


Minor car alarm repair


Door drive (front, rear, sliding)


Connection to c.z


CHIP key bypass


Trunk opening


Additional services

Installation of mechanical locks

from 1700 (depends on the type of lock: steering wheel / gearbox / hood)

Installation of parking sensors

From 2500 (depends on the number and types of sensors)

Immobilizer Installation

from 4000 (depending on equipment and make of the car)

Installation of xenon (low beam / high beam / fog / biscenon)


Tinted glass

From 2000 (depending on the brand of car)

Car audio


In the future, a car service may deal not only with installation, but also with the sale of various security systems.

Search for premises and purchase of equipment

When opening a car service, two key parameters should be considered - territorial location and equipment providing a range of services. It is on these two parameters that the profitability of the business depends.

The most significant issue when organizing a car workshop is finding a suitable site. It is important to choose a convenient location, as the profitability of the business depends on it. The most attractive areas for car service are those that are in the zone of high but slow traffic. It can be:

  • parking of megacomplexes, shopping centers;

  • Gas station;

  • parking lots and garages;

  • areas at the entrance to the sleeping areas;

  • Busy city streets

  • entry into the city.

The most suitable area is the area behind the traffic light. In anticipation of a green signal, the driver can look around the area and notice an advertising sign or sign leading to the workshop.

When choosing a location, you should pay attention to the presence of competitors nearby. This will allow you to assess the level of consumer demand and decide on the choice of site. For example, it would be advantageous to arrange a car service near a car wash, tire shop or auto parts store. The main thing is to study the range of services of these institutions - they should not intersect with your workshop.

The car service building should be well visible from the road and have a convenient entrance. According to the requirements of the SES, a car service cannot be located in close proximity to residential buildings and water bodies. The distance between the service station and these objects should be at least 50 meters.

In addition to the characteristics of the site, it is necessary to take into account the room in which the workshop with all the equipment will be located. For an ordinary workshop, an area of ​​about 40-50 square meters will be enough. m. This area will be enough to accommodate 2 cars at the same time. Any non-residential buildings are suitable for a car service: garage boxes, hangars, etc.

Requirements for the workshop premises:

  • the presence of ventilation, water supply, heating and at least one window;

  • a separate room (i.e. outside residential buildings and public buildings);

  • finish floors and walls with moisture-proof and explosion-proof materials;

  • explosion-proof fixtures and devices;

  • the presence of a bathroom and shower for staff.

The rent for such a premises will be about 40 thousand rubles. Please note that the room may need decoration or repair. This will add to the expenses of about 50 thousand rubles.

To ensure production, it is necessary to purchase equipment. An approximate list of equipment is given in the table. The volume of investments necessary for the acquisition of equipment is 200 thousand rubles. Of these, 73% are the costs of basic equipment, and the remaining 27% are designed to equip the workshop premises.

Equipment list



price, rub.

Amount, rub.

Total cost, rub.

Basic equipment



4, 000


8, 000


Multimeter and Oscilloscope

12, 000


12, 000


Soldering equipment (power 60-10 W and 40 W)

8, 000


8, 000


Tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, side cutter, stripper, crimper, wrenches, etc.)

15, 000


15, 000


Spectrum analyzer

46, 000


46, 000


Screwdriver (with a set of drills)

7, 000


14, 000


Glass tinting equipment (knives, forcing, scrapers, hooks, blades, etc.)

17, 000


17, 000



25, 000


25, 000

Indoor Equipment



20, 000


20, 000


Alarm system

15, 000


15, 000


Waiting room equipment

20, 000


20, 000


200, 000

Purchasing Supplies

The car service uses a lot of consumables. It is important that the workshop is always provided with the necessary amount of materials. In this regard, it is necessary to compile a list of bona fide suppliers in advance and establish cooperation with them. To decide on suppliers, study the offer in the market: what competitors offer, what those who already work in this sphere advise.

If you plan not only to install car alarms, but also to sell them, be sure to read the reviews of car owners. You should not sell products of poor quality, because in case of problems with the device itself, your reputation as an installer will also suffer. Therefore, choose only quality products that have already established themselves in the market.

Workshop recruitment

For the functioning of the workshop, two auto mechanics with a shift schedule will be enough. At the initial stage, when orders are minimal, this staff will be able to cope with the amount of work. In the future, it will be necessary to hire another team of craftsmen.

Particular attention should be paid to the qualifications and practical skills of potential employees, since the reputation of the workshop depends on the quality of their work. It is quite difficult to find workers who will really be well versed in all types of alarms and have practical skills in this area.

There are no special requirements for personnel: secondary technical education or higher education in profile, experience in car repair, car alarm installation skills, knowledge of car devices. It is also good to have a car electrician on staff, who can be entrusted with complex work related to the car's electrical equipment and wiring. Total payroll will be about 130 thousand rubles.

Promotion of the alarm installation workshop

Greater competition in the automotive service market enhances the role of the workshop’s reputation and advertising. Therefore, the basis of the marketing plan is a thorough study of the level of service and advertising campaign.

High-quality service of the alarm installation workshop involves:

  • convenient hours of work;

  • possibility of pre-recording by phone;

  • availability of a waiting room equipped with a TV, water cooler and internet;

  • wide range of services.

The main objective of marketing in the car service business is the transition of one-time customers to regular status. It is possible to gain consumer confidence with the help of high-quality service and convenient location of the workshop.

The target audience is car owners, of which 60% are men aged 20 to 50 years.

The advertising campaign of a car service workshop is carried out using the following tools:

  • advertising on billboards and signs. The most effective advertising for car service is outdoor advertising. The manufacture and installation of one sign next to road signs costs an average of 15, 000 rubles. To increase the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, it is planned to manufacture two signs that can attract the required number of customers. The billboard should serve not only as a pointer, but also as an information field where it is recommended to reflect the peculiarity of the proposal, for example, you can specify the working hours or current promotions.

  • business cards and flyers . It is best to distribute printed material in crowded places of the target audience. This may be the territory of gas stations, auto parts stores, car washes, etc. The main offer for the client will be a discount upon presentation of a flyer. This tool is more rational to apply at the initial stage of a car service. The cost of this type of advertising is about 10, 000 rubles.

  • formation of customer loyalty. To form your customer base, it is necessary to provide for the presence of bonus programs for regular customers. For this, it is supposed to form an accumulative system of discounts. For example, you can charge 2% of bonuses with each purchase, which the customer can pay the next time. To keep track of the bonus program, you will need a computer with the appropriate software.

Also, attracting customers can be facilitated by periodic calling of bonus card holders with notification of existing promotions. This tool is aimed at improving the quality of service, increasing sales and working with regular customers.

  • media advertising . You can place an advertisement in a newspaper or order an advertisement on the radio. The classic of radio advertising is a 30-second video, the advertising text consists of 60-75 words, excluding prepositions. The cost of radio advertising depends on the radio selected, and on the time of the broadcast of the video, its duration and the number of its repetitions. On average, the cost of 1 minute of a commercial is about 4000 in the period from 7:00 to 22:00. The approximate budget of advertising promotion through the media is 15, 000-20000 rubles.

  • creating your own website . Firstly, this tool allows you to promote services over the Internet, and secondly, it simplifies the process of interacting with potential customers. The workshop’s website should include a list of services and a price list for them, contacts, a map, information about promotions and special offers. It is also recommended to create a form on the site for quick checkout. For a workshop site, you only need a couple of web pages and a simple interface. The cost of such a site is about 15, 000 rubles.

However, the best advertisement for a car service is its advantageous location. If you select the right site, then you can ensure a sufficient flow of customers. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the selection of a suitable site.

It is recommended that you plan the bulk of promotional events in the first months of the opening of a car service. About 50 thousand rubles will have to be spent on this. An active marketing strategy allows you to speed up the payback process of the funds invested in the opening of a workshop.

How much does it cost to open a car service from scratch

To start a project, you need to calculate the amount of initial investment. We have already considered how much money will have to be spent on equipment, advertising and the preparation of the premises. It remains only to add up these amounts.

Initial cost


Amount, rub.


Room preparation (rent for 1 month of work + room repair)

90, 000


Set of equipment (tools and workshop equipment)

200, 000


Starting advertising campaign

50, 000


Business Registration

10, 000



30, 000


Working capital (to cover losses for the first months of work)

100, 000


480, 000

When preparing a business plan, do not forget about monthly expenses. They are divided into variables and constants. Variable costs include expenses for the purchase of consumables for repairs and utility costs. To simplify financial calculations, the value of variable costs can be calculated based on the average cost of workshop services and a fixed margin of 300%.

Постоянные расходы включают арендную плату, рекламу, амортизационные отчисления, фонд оплаты труда и прочее. Также к постоянным расходам относятся налоги – в данной таблице указана их приблизительная сумма, т.к. они рассчитываются на основе показателя выручки.

Fixed costs


Amount in months, rub.



40, 000



10, 000



3, 500



130, 000



7, 000



36 500


227 000

Таким образом, постоянные ежемесячные расходы составят около 227 000 рублей.

Сколько можно заработать на установке автосигнализаций

Для определения планируемого объема выручки, нужно рассчитать средний чек и количество заказов в месяц. Средний чек автомастерской будет равен примерно 4 000 рублей. На установку одной автосигнализации мастер в среднем тратит 4, 5 часа. Исходя из 10-часового рабочего дня, за смену 1 мастер может выполнить два заказа. Следовательно, в месяц объем работы – 60 заказов. Тогда месячная выручка по основному виду деятельности составит: 4000*60=240 000 рублей.

Не забываем и про дополнительные услуги. Для упрощения финансовых расчетов принимаем, что выручка от дополнительных услуг составляет 40% от общего объема выручки, т.е. 160 000 рублей. Таким образом, месячная выручка мастерской составит в среднем 400 000 рублей. Выйти на планируемый объем продаж вы сможете уже на 5 месяц работы благодаря активной рекламной кампании.

Теперь рассчитаем объем чистой прибыли:

  • выручка 400 000 рублей

  • ежемесячные расходы – 227 000 рублей.

При таких показателях чистая прибыль составит 173 000 рублей. Вычтем из этого себестоимость выполнения услуг (расходные материалы, мощностные затраты). И чистый доход составит 150 000 рублей.

При первоначальных вложениях в 480 000 рублей срок окупаемости бизнеса составит 7-8 месяцев. Рентабельность продаж составит 15-20%.

С какими сложностями может столкнуться предприниматель

Обязательно нужно планировать риски бизнеса, чтобы этот не стало для вас неожиданностью. If you predict them in advance and apply countermeasures in a timely manner, adverse consequences can be avoided. Какие риски свойственны для автосервиса?

  • неудачный выбор местоположения мастерской. It is possible to exclude the wrong decision with the help of high-quality geomarketing analysis of the terrain, infrastructure, traffic flows, which will make it possible to more accurately assess the level of sales taking into account the density of potential consumers.

  • высокая конкуренция на рынке, открытие новых точек в относительной близости, демпинг прямых конкурентов. The emergence of new auto repair shops will lead to a redistribution of the customer base and profits. Нередко крупные автосервисы и автосалоны оказывают услуги по установке сигнализаций, что негативно сказывается на клиентской базе небольших мастерских. Reducing this risk is possible when creating your own customer base, developing a unique trading offer, competent pricing policy and stimulating consumer loyalty.

  • сезонное снижение продаж. Для рынка автосервиса этот риск является одним из основных. Нивелировать риск возможно при разработке маркетинговой стратегии, эффективной рекламной политике, смещением сезонных акцентов в продажах. Также владелец бизнеса должен постоянно формировать резервный фонд, чтобы своевременно покрывать убыток в случае сезонного сокращения продаж.

  • технологические риски, в число которых входит неправильно выбранное оборудование, поломки, нецелевое использование технологических мощностей, что может привести к остановке бизнес-процессов. It is possible to reduce this risk with regular monitoring of equipment health, quality after-sales service, and proper equipment selection.

  • низкий уровень компетенции кадров. Irresponsible attitude to property, poor quality of service can lead to serious financial losses and a decline in business reputation. To avoid this, systematic control, financial motivation, standardization of staff work is necessary.

  • низкое качество обслуживания со стороны сотрудников. Снизить данный риск позволят система поощрения работников, зависящая от выручки, обучение персонала и контроль за его работой.

Evgenia Yurkina

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