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According to Russian marketing research, the plumbing market growth is about 20-30% per year. On the one hand, the assortment of products is increasing: new devices are appearing, consumers are pleased with original design findings. On the other hand, more and more outlets are opening, which indicates great competition in this type of business.

When opening a plumbing store, it is important to consider all the nuances from design to promotion. Reasonable business organization guarantees the competitiveness of the outlet and high sales.

Business design

To open a store, in addition to registering an IP, you should receive the following documents:

  • sanitary and epidemiological conclusion;
  • permission for placement from the authorities of Rospotrebnadzor - this document provides the right to organize the activities of the facility;
  • production control program;
  • agreements for the removal of solid household garbage and other waste;
  • an agreement on the disposal of mercury lamps;
  • an agreement on the systematic disinfection and cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • signing of contracts for the implementation of disinsection, disinfestation, disinfection works;
  • conclusion of a contract for the disinfection of vehicles;


The main issues when opening a plumbing store are the purchase of goods and the formation of an assortment. When choosing a supplier, you can go in two ways: purchase goods directly from the manufacturer or order from company representatives. In the first case, the goods will have a low price, as well as quickly arrive at the warehouse. But, when purchasing foreign-made products, you will have to turn to representative offices that charge the goods. Direct communication with foreign companies is easy to establish only to large plumbing stores. The mark-up rate for a product is 20-30% of the price of the product.

Determining the assortment, it is important to know the main types of plumbing, among which are:

- “white” plumbing, or sanitary ware (toilet bowls, flush cisterns, bidets, sinks, sinks, shower trays, cast-iron, acrylic, steel bathtubs, etc.);

- engineering plumbing (pipes, fittings, faucets, mixers, valves, siphons, locks and bends, fittings);

- accessories (tiles, bathroom furniture, special lighting fixtures, rugs).

Separately, you can highlight the "elite" plumbing: marble baths and washstands, porcelain and precious metals.

Of course, a beginner should not buy everything at once. The formation of the assortment may take a year, during which it will be possible to assess the demand for certain types and brands of plumbing. According to research, acrylic and cast-iron bathtubs, toilets, sinks, faucets, faucets, and various consumables for engineering plumbing are most in demand. The choice and size of the assortment depends on local characteristics of demand, material capabilities and location of the store. For starters, you can open a store specializing in a separate type of plumbing (a store of bathtubs or all sanitary ware).

You should take care not only about the variety of goods, but about their availability in stock. The stock should exceed the average monthly turnover by 2-3 times, which will be a plus if there is a delay in the purchased goods, especially imported ones. When storing goods, it is important to observe the following rules:

- ceramics in small quantities are stored unpacked in shelves, on shelves.

- ceramic pipes are laid in an open area on wooden gaskets in horizontal rows in stacks up to 1.5 m high. Wooden bars are placed under the lower row of pipes at a height not lower than the protruding part of the bell.

- cast iron and steel enameled sinks, sinks, faucets, toilet taps are stored on pallets in racks in a closed dry unheated room; ribbed pipes and cast-iron heating radiators are stored in stacks up to 1 m high in closed unheated warehouses.

- products based on polymers, fiberglass are stored in heated warehouses on pallets in factory packaging in stacks up to 1.5 m high.

- enameled cast-iron bathtubs are stored in open areas and racks laid on pallets with stops.

Room and staff

When choosing a room, it is important to consider its area, location, the presence of warehouses and a bathroom. It is better to choose a room near the houses under construction, which can provide customers for the first time, or in the city center, where there is good traffic.

Such products as a bathtub, shower, sink require a lot of space, so a room with an area of ​​80-100 square meters is suitable for a small scale plumbing shop. m., average - 150-200 square meters. meters, for large - 300-400 square meters. meters. The premises can be bought, rented or leased with option to purchase. Renting a medium-sized premises will cost about 100-150 thousand rubles. per month. It is better to have a warehouse at the store, since the buyer usually receives the goods not from the window, but in the warehouse. To service the trading floor, you need to hire two sellers who must be well versed in the types of plumbing products and know their functions. You will also need to hire workers to the warehouse and a loader.

Trade software

The design of the store plays a huge role in sales, because the buyer is likely to go to the store with an original design and ergonomic arrangement of goods. For the organization of trade in plumbing, there are many types of commercial equipment, and, in addition to shelving (2-5 thousand rubles / pcs), display cases (from 6 thousand rubles), a counter (from 4 thousand rubles) and shelves (from 350 rub), you can purchase equipment equipped with a backlight and having an attractive appearance:

  • stands for mixers (10-14 thousand rubles), toilets;
  • bracket for fixing the sink (about 500 rubles / pc);
  • racks for sinks (3-4 thousand rubles), bathtubs, heated towel rails (7-8 thousand rubles);
  • stands for showers of showers.

For fast and efficient trading, you should purchase a scanner, a bar coding apparatus and a computer. For security purposes, a fire and burglar alarm, a video surveillance system should be installed.

Sale of goods

For active sales, several points should be considered. Firstly, the motives of the choice of the buyer. According to surveys, the main factors when buying a product are the design, technical capabilities and price of the product. The highest demand was recorded for goods of the middle price category. It should be taken into account the seasonality factor: in winter, sales are falling.

It is better to advertise the product in publications devoted to repair and construction, as well as in large hypermarkets. It is worth remembering such means of sales promotion as discounts, promotions, coupons, prize draws. The presence in the store of a bright sign, pillars, booklets and catalog will also attract the buyer.

A plumbing store may be in the format of a wholesale, retail, or wholesale / retail outlet. You should also open a website where a catalog with goods, news about promotions and discounts will be placed.

Investment and return on investment

The initial investment required to open a plumbing store when purchasing goods for 1 million. rub. will amount to about 1.5 million rubles. Monthly profit with average sales will be about 80-90 thousand rubles. The store will pay off in about 1, 5 years.

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