How to open a car polishing business

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You can earn money on car owners in many ways today. In any city, even a very small one, there is more than one car service and tire service, and many entrepreneurs are engaged in the simple sale of car accessories, car chemicals and, of course, auto parts. Car washes are one of the most profitable types of small business, and a good professional car tuning center never lacks customers. But even this list of services cannot be called complete, and today you can earn on this type of service as polishing the body and headlights of cars.

The car polishing service may be offered by ordinary service stations, but as a separate type of business in the garage, it may well exist. In order to engage in such activities, special equipment, the purchase of expensive equipment and special knowledge of employees are not required. That is why you can polish cars by opening a small garage that does not do anything else. Of course, you can expect the appearance of competitors, or full-service car services already offer such a service. But the main advantage of the entrepreneur in this type of business is precisely that the monthly maintenance of such a garage is much lower than the content of the service station, which deals with many types of services. Fighting competition will therefore become somewhat easier, because due to reduced costs there is an opportunity to reduce the cost of their work. At the same time, even in big cities, too often you can find a car polishing service, which indicates the prospects for the development of small businesses in this direction.

With a competent organization of entrepreneurship, you can rely on the fact that there will always be a competitive advantage over emerging companies that also offer polishing, but only enter the market. In this regard, the biggest problem in this direction will be the rivalry of car services that have such a service, and there is an accumulated customer base.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to register a business entity. If there is a need to register a legal entity, the form of a limited liability company is preferable, because in this case, as in the case of individual entrepreneurship, it is possible to use a simplified taxation system, transferring 6% (of income) or 15% to the state account ( from operating profit). It is necessary to choose the right OKVED code, and this activity falls under the definition (OKPD 2) 45.20 Services for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. If you don’t want to register for a long time or if you don’t have experience in registering a business entity, you can consult a competent lawyer or even a company that will solve all registration issues for an entrepreneur for legal advice. But in this case, you should count on significant expenses.

After that, you can begin to search for premises for future business. As already noted, they are engaged in similar services in a simple garage box, which should not be equipped with car repair equipment. At first, only one box should be enough, and in the future, due to the fact that the polishing process is short, you can do it with only one garage, only with a high demand for this service you may need to remove several boxes. The garage box has an area of ​​not more than 20 m2, unless it is planned to work with large cars, if the calculation is only for cars.

The location is selected based on the location of competitors, if a car repair shop or even a car polishing station is already operating nearby, then starting a business organization nearby is, of course, unprofitable. At the same time, it is not necessary to look for boxes in the central areas of the city, there may be sufficient demand in sleeping areas, and even in industrial areas. But still, you should pay close attention to the search for a room, because you need good cross-country accessibility. Especially at first, the bulk of the visitors will be just passing by motorists or people who have previously noticed a sign.

It may be advantageous to be located near an already existing car repair shop or car wash, in which such a service is not provided, because such a place is known to motorists, and many of them will be interested in polishing. However, in this case, there is a risk that another organization will be interested in the car polishing service and begin to offer it to its customers. Considering that she will already have an accumulated client base, this organization will be able to entice all clients to itself, and a service in which there is nothing other than polishing will soon cease to be popular. Even if you offer a very high-quality service, some motorists will still go to a competitor.

The cost of renting a box starts at about five thousand rubles a month, but such numbers can only be found in small towns, in large cities the rental price will be an order of magnitude higher, the condition and equipment of the garage also affects the price. It is economically feasible to find a box that is not equipped with anything, equip a small rest room and a technical zone in it, and, perhaps, just hang up posters or some informational posters. If successful, you can find some organization that will pay for the placement of its advertising in boxing. The bare gray walls will bore workers and visitors.

When the issue with the premises is resolved, you can begin to search for personnel. Learning how to polish cars is not difficult, a person who does not even understand anything about the maintenance of cars can master this skill. Therefore, at first the work in the service will be carried out by the entrepreneur himself, but if he does not want to participate in this process, it’s enough to find sensible people who can be quickly trained in polishing and who will be ready to work for less wages than car mechanics and repairmen. With the proper ability to polish one car, can one employee, but in the case of a volume order, for example, when polishing the entire body of a car or a passenger compartment, it will require the involvement of two or three people, and this is done primarily to reduce the lead time.

On the other hand, too large a staff can deprive the entrepreneur of profit only if it has not been possible to agree with the employees to pay interest on the completed order without paying, therefore, a fixed salary. In fact, this can become a significant problem, because no one will agree to spend the whole working day in boxing with the prospect of not getting anything, and at first the entrepreneur cannot guarantee his employees a large number of orders. But this is only an additional factor that stimulates an active advertising campaign. If employees receive a percentage, they will take a significant part of the money from payment for polishing. A fixed salary, let you keep a substantial part of the proceeds for yourself, but then there is a risk that the entrepreneur will simply give money without receiving anything, but this is possible if there are no orders.

To perform car polishing, you will need an inexpensive set of specialized equipment. At its core, polishing requires a special machine, as well as accessories for it. In addition, consumables are purchased, which are pastes, impregnations, paints, wipes, towels, applicators, gloves and other cleaning materials. The cleaning material is made of microfiber or foam rubber. For your service, it is also advisable to purchase consumables to perform additional services, which include cleaning the surface, polishing the headlights, and for this you will need detergents, special auto chemicals and aromatic substances.

The cost of a set for polishing a car rarely exceeds 10 thousand rubles, but a large number of consumables are required to process one car. Of course, their cost is included in the price of the order, but for smooth operation you must always have a lot of supplies in stock. It is also advisable to find reliable suppliers or sellers from whom you can quickly and in the right amount acquire materials and substances. It is also advisable to buy separate machines for processing the body, interior and headlights. Each master will also need its own unit, and if you buy cheap low-quality cars, then you need to have them in stock. At home, polishing a car is carried out even with a conventional drill, using a foam rubber disk as a nozzle on it. Cars also polish in different ways, and not always a cheap device can provide high-quality service.

Polishing a car is carried out not only using machines, but also manually, for which a large number of towels and napkins are purchased. Manual surface treatment is necessary when preparing the car for polishing and upon completion of this process. The service is also good to have the simplest car wash equipment and vacuum cleaners. This is not about complex systems, but about simple installations that can provide preliminary cleaning of the car from dirt. Moreover, if the client arrived in a dirty car, then the cost of a simple wash can be included in the price of the order. This will be a small percentage, which is set simply because the employees of the car polishing service are not required to wash these cars.

But in any case, even if the client arrived in a car that had just visited a car wash, you have to pre-treat the surface, without it the meaning of polishing the car is reduced to zero. A sandblasting machine and drying equipment may also be required. Specialists also pre-evaluate defects in the car's coating, find small chips and scratches that can be removed by polishing. Due to the fact that polishing allows eliminating them, this service is especially popular because the lack of gloss is not so critical for most motorists as scratches or minor damage to the paintwork.

There are two types of polishing. The first one is protective, which, as is clear from the definition, serves to prevent damage to the paintwork and allows for a long time to preserve the natural luster of the car. It is clear that this type of polishing can be carried out only on cars that have not yet lost their luster and on the coating of which there are no defects. To do this, wax or silicone is used, which creates a protective film on the car body, protecting it from sunlight, precipitation and mechanical damage. However, these substances do not differ in durability, and therefore polishing should be carried out every few months; the frequency of this procedure depends on the conditions of maintenance and operation of the vehicle. In order for the protective layer to last longer, Teflon, nanolac, liquid glass or even nanoceramics are added to the substance. Depending on the adhesive or special additive, the cost of polishing depends; here they are listed in ascending order of value.

The second type of treatment is abrasive polishing. It is used when it is necessary to restore the shine and paintwork. For it, special polishing pastes are used, before applying which the surface is degreased. The composition of the paste can be different depending on its quality, and a large number of components can enter it. Abrasive polishing allows you to fill the pores in the paintwork, and special substances restore shine. At the moment, in addition to those already used in protective polishing, such components as kaolin, alkoxylate, alkyl sulfate, phosphate (and some other surfactants), solvent and polymers are used. But no matter how perfect a substance is used, a maximum of three years will require re-polishing.

The polishing process is quite simple, but tedious, because you have to carefully process a large area. In addition to the body, polishing of the headlights is often ordered. For this, a special paste or gel is used. It is applied to the abrasive wheel, after which the headlight is polished with it. Upon completion, the surface is treated with a foam rubber circle. The substance for the headlights is selected separately, because they are most often made of plastic and very rarely of glass. Headlights are polished in order to protect them from external influences, to eliminate chips and scratches, and also to neutralize the yellow coating, which significantly reduces the brightness level of the headlight. For headlights, there are also protective and abrasive substances used in the appropriate types of polishing. The vehicle interior is treated with the substance that is applicable to the interior material; panels, steering wheel, seats and other elements of the car’s interior are made of a wide variety of materials from cheap plastic to genuine leather.

The cost of polishing a car depends not only on the substances used and the quality of the work, but also on the desire to earn more money for entrepreneurs. This is due to the fact that there is a low level of competition, and this allows you to significantly increase the price, which is almost entirely a reward for entrepreneurial talent. The cost of the simplest polishing of a car with low-quality wax is about 100 rubles, but such coverage will not last a week, and employees will not be motivated to perform their task in a high-quality way for such an amount.

Normal polishing a car, which lasts at least a month, costs about three thousand rubles. The use of expensive substances that retain a protective layer for at least a year increases the polishing price by several times, and therefore processing a car body can cost more than 10 thousand rubles. The cost of polishing the headlights starts from a thousand rubles for the taillights and from two thousand for the front. Work in the salon has a wide price range, because working with leather or with delicate fabrics is much more expensive than with simple plastics.

The car polishing business is notable for its low monthly costs, which are unlikely to exceed 20 thousand rubles if employees work for a percentage. The size of the initial investment is also small and rarely exceeds 100 thousand rubles. Moreover, if you constantly conduct an advertising campaign and provide really high-quality services, then in the near future there will be a lot of customers, up to the fact that several cars will be polished every day. Hence, one can say about the high profitability of this business, and you can recoup it in about a month of hard and continuous work. But you need to remember that before there are many customers, a lot of time can pass. You can reduce it by a competent advertising campaign. To do this, you can order the creation and optimization of your own site, this will significantly increase the starting investment, but in big cities it will allow you to quickly build your customer base, because the site is a powerful information and advertising platform.

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