How to build a subscriber database using the subscription form

* The calculations use the average data for the World

The subscription form is an important element on the site if we collect subscribers. We can pour good traffic to the site through contextual advertising, social advertising. networks, etc., but do not receive subscribers due to poor subscription form.

What affects the success of the subscription form

  • The main components: text, title, pictures;

  • Placement of the form: sidebar, pop-up window, banner, etc .;

  • Additional features: gifts, placing the form in different places .;

  • General feeling after watching. Quality offer, responsive design.

The main components of the form

Let’s figure out what to pay attention to in the form.

  • Headline. He must stand out to draw attention to form.

  • Subtitle. This is an additional text after the heading, which reveals the essence of the proposal that the person will receive after subscribing.

  • Highlighting the background of the site. To make the form noticeable, it is better not to do it completely in the style of the site. Otherwise, she will merge with him.

  • Fewer fields. The fewer they are, the greater the likelihood that a person will subscribe.

  • Simplicity. The form should not have too complicated fields, captcha.

  • Testing. Any form needs to be tested. What worked for others may not work for you because of a different audience, different business, style, etc.

Where to place a subscription form

The shape should be noticeable. Otherwise, all its filling is useless. For example, on this site the form is placed at the very bottom and it is very difficult to notice it.

There are several types of forms depending on their placement.

Subscription page


  • You can post a lot of information, fill the page with photos and pictures;

  • no design restrictions.


  • too much text can scare a person off;

  • it takes a lot of steps to sign up.

When is it better to apply?

It fits well with a separate lead magnet. On the page you can describe in detail everything about him.

Full width form


  • You can play with the design, as there is a lot of space;

  • You can add more fields due to the latitude of the form;

  • You can fix the form on all pages of the site.


  • not all users reach the footer, not all will see it

When is it better to apply?

You can add to all pages of the site. It is best to add to the header of the site.



  • can be placed on several pages of the site;

  • usually the sidebar immediately catches your eye on the first screen.


  • not suitable for forms with a large number of fields due to the small size;

  • not all pages will be combined in design.

When is it better to apply?

The sidebar looks best on sites with a sidebar. Usually they have a menu, contextual advertising. You can fix the sidebar so that when scrolling it still remains in front of the user.

Hello bar


  • always in sight, the user can scroll the page, the form still remains in place;

  • the window with the form can be closed;

  • does not take up much space;

  • the form can be fixed on all pages of the site.


  • little space for fields;

  • does not always fit the design of the site.

When is it better to apply?

Suitable if you need to make a short sentence. For example, “Download the guide by ...”.

Pop-up window


  • can be added to any page of the site;

  • Does not spoil the design of the page, because it is a separate element;

  • large in size, so you can add more fields, picture, text;

  • flexibility. You can configure the window to appear under certain conditions. For example, spent on the page for more than 10 seconds.


  • annoy some users;

  • You need to test not only the form itself, but also the display conditions;

  • some users have a pop-up blocker.

When is it better to apply?

Can be installed on any page. The main thing is not to be intrusive.

  • do not show the form several times;

  • Do not show the form to those who have already signed up;

  • do not show the form immediately after entering the page, give the user time to look at the site.

Popup exit forms

These forms are similar to pop-ups. They are shown when a person wants to close the page.


  • The same as for pop-up forms. Plus, they do not interfere with user interaction with the site.


  • A form may appear even if the user was not going to leave the site, but simply moved the cursor to the top of the screen.

When is it better to apply:

In this form, it is good to offer a discount and a bonus. Can be combined with other forms of subscription. But it is better not to combine with pop-up forms. it will be too intrusive.

Subscription form at the end of the article

They are usually used on blogs. The user read the article, he liked it and he would like to subscribe to the blog updates.


  • Get interested subscribers


  • small size, many fields cannot be placed

  • finding her is pretty hard

When is it better to apply?

You can post after articles, announcements, in the knowledge base. It’s better to use it as an additional source for a subscription, as it is sometimes difficult to notice.

On the product order page

When placing an order, you are asked to subscribe to the newsletter.


  • Interested subscribers

  • Get immediately more information about the subscriber.


  • not all place an order on the site.

When is it better to apply?

Suitable for all online stores. It is important not to sign the user automatically when placing an order, as this is contrary to the law and there may be complaints, fines.

Facebook Subscription


  • the shape can be beautifully customized;

  • if there is a large audience in the social. networks, then this is a great way to increase your subscriber base.


may not be the only source of subscriptions. Unless your entire business is tied to facebook.

When is it better to apply?

If you need to sign people from social. networks.


There are several types of subscription forms. To increase audience reach and the effectiveness of forms, you need to use them in a complex and test.

How to make your subscription form more effective

Give a gift

  • A small gift or bonus is better converted into a subscription.

Create intrigue

For example:

  • offer to pass the test and at the end ask for an email to send the results to the mail;

  • offer to enter the closed club of subscribers;

  • offer a game where the first stage can be completed on the website, the second - already via email.

Adapt for mobile devices

Over the past year, more than half of the traffic falls on mobile. If this is not taken into account, you can lose potential subscribers. Some types of subscription forms may not display correctly on mobile. It is necessary to test and fix it.

Segment an audience

  • Do not show the form to those who are already signed up;

  • Do not show the uniform to the same person several times.

Customize Impression Logic

There are 3 main options to configure:

  • place of display (top, side, bottom);

  • display time (how much a person needs to stay on the page before the form is shown);

  • viewing depth (how many pages you need to look at the site before the form appears);


If you have provided good traffic to your site, then the next step is to set up a subscription form. A high-quality subscription form will help to build a subscriber base.

If you need a complex (setting up advertising and a subscription form for collecting contacts), and there is not enough time, UniSender mailing service specialists can organize the process for you.

In order for the form to work well, you need to think about its filling and placement. Forms must be adapted for mobile devices. For greater coverage, it is better to combine several types of forms on the site. And you definitely need to test everything.

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