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Mobile planetarium: education, entertainment and business

Entertainment industry Cultural and entertainment institutions The birthplace of planetariums is Germany. The world's first planetarium was built in Munich in 1925, and in our country the first planetarium was opened in 1929. Since then, thousands of places of popularization of astronomical science have appeared in the world, where the secrets of the universe are revealed to millions of children and adults

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Wheat growing business

* The calculations use average data for the World 500 000 ₽ Minimum starting capital 28% Profitability 14 months Payback 200 thousand Land lease per year (1000 ha) Wheat is the most important agricultural crop in many countries, including Russia. Not only the most demanded of breads are baked from it, but also pasta and confectionery are made.

Shoe manufacturing

Fashionable business. Shoes, clothes and accessories Production and sale of shoes People thought about protecting their feet from cold and damage a very long time ago. Today’s shoes, which are already familiar to us, have come a few thousand years from simple, stitched pieces of leather, woven sandals and carved wooden shoes to products consisting of many parts and requiring whole factories to be made.

How to open a tress production business

Fashionable business. Shoes, clothes and accessories Production and sale of accessories Tresses have long been fashionable accessories that allow you to quickly change the image without having to visit a beauty salon. Therefore, they are in great demand among young people and women of any age who look after their appearance and strive to always look perfect

Paid Services Market Overview

* The calculations use the average data for the World 1. INTRODUCTION Paid services are an important part in the structure of expenditures of the population. However, in terms of the share of paid services in the structure of gross expenditures per capita, Russia lags significantly behind developed countries

Your business: open a draft beer store

* The calculations use average data for the World 500 000 ₽ Starting investments 10 months Payback period 25-30 sq.m. Required space 30 - 100% Markup on goods Opening a beer store is a business idea many aspiring entrepreneurs dream of. A positive example of the business of acquaintances and friends who beat off a beer store in a couple of months, small investments, impressive crowds of customers and patrons of beer houses can create a halo of success around the beer business.

Your business: 3D printing of jewelry and bijouterie

* The calculations use the average data for the World 364 000 ₽ Investments (for the purchase of a 3D printer and consumables) 1000 - 10000 ₽ 3D jewelry modeling services from 300 rub./cm3 Cost of 3D printing (using SLA technology) What is the technology of 3D-printing jewelry? Is it possible to quickly make money on it? In

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Exotic cosmetology: fish peeling

Beauty and Health Industry SPA business Garra rufa fish peeling is a service known all over the world and not so long ago appeared in Russia. The essence of the procedure is that a person immerses his legs, arms or the whole body in an aquarium with fish that eat the dead skin softened in water. As a result, the skin becomes soft and smooth

How to open your real estate agency

Repair and construction business Real estate agency You can open a real estate agency for 10 thousand dollars It is not difficult to create a real estate agency; licensing of this activity is not required; initial investments are minimal. The main experience and communication. But not all newcomers can survive in the real estate market

Boxing Club Business Plan

* The calculations use the average data for the World 1. Summary of the project The goal of the project is the opening of a specialized boxing center in a city with a population of more than 500 thousand people to provide sports and recreational services and profit. The business idea is to create and operate a commercial boxing club focused on all groups of the population of any age, from 5 years old

How to open the production of soft drinks

Food industry Soft drinks Non-alcoholic drinks, as their name implies, include any kind of alcohol-free drinks. Despite the fact that this segment has always been highly competitive, over the past five years the market situation has developed in the most favorable way for manufacturers. On average, over 2 billion liters of soft drinks are sold in the country per year (in value terms, this is about 20 billion rubles)

Business or "self-employment"?

* The calculations use the average data for the World One of the main questions that a novice entrepreneur should answer is: “Are you going to engage in“ business as business ”or“ business as self-employment ”? Over the past two decades, the world has become so dynamic that we sometimes do not keep up with the understanding of the events that take place properly, do not notice certain business trends, often draw the wrong conclusions, make not the right decisions, as a result, we are moving in the wrong direction. And wher

Own business: production of school notebooks

Household products. Production and sale Souvenir products and stationery In most cases, entrepreneurs who choose between production and sales as the future area for developing their business prefer the latter option. It is believed that the opening of its own production requires much more money, effort, time

How to make money by minting coins

* The calculations use the average data for the World Interview with an entrepreneur: How to make money by minting coins The site, as part of a joint project of the Community of Information Portals Promoting the Development of Small Businesses, continues a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who are ready to share their own experience in creating a business and help newcomers take their first steps in business

Sugar Cranberry Production

* The calculations use average data on the World Cranberries in powdered sugar - this is a simple delicacy that has not only a pleasant taste, but also a number of useful properties. Adults and children do not remain indifferent to the unusual combination of sour filling and sweet shell. A dessert is made from fresh cranberries, which is known to everyone as a natural source of ascorbic acid

Furniture manufacturing equipment overview

* The calculations use the average data for the World High precision carpenter weapons Computer controlled machines A few years ago, furniture enterprises could produce only products of a flat shape. Today, their capabilities have expanded significantly. Thanks to the new equipment, it is possible to process volumetric details from solid wood

Your business: how to open a point to sell "coffee with you"

* The calculations use the average data for the World 230 000 ₽ Starting investments 280 000 ₽ Revenue 139 000 ₽ Net profit 3-6 months Payback period “Coffee with you” is a business that is growing in the wake of coffee consumption in Russia. Consider how much it costs to open a coffee point, find out how to find a place to rent coffee and calculate profit. Coffee i

Business on flashbacks: photo book production

Public Services (b2c) Photo Studios and Photo Printing Traditional albums with printed photographs are gradually giving way to more modern and original ways to preserve memories. One of them is photo books. In fact, these are photographs printed on coated paper or collages of them with a binding and, as a rule, a hard cover

Own apricot growing business

* The calculations use the average data for the World Among all the fruit trees, the genus Prúnus, with the Russian name Plum, occupies a special place. This species belongs to many species of fruit trees, and in addition to plums, this includes cherry, cherry plum, apricot and even almonds, in which the seed core is not eaten.